How to Choose the Best Dubia Roaches for Your Pet Reptile

If you’re the proud owner of a reptile pet, you know what is best for them. But sometimes, you’re worried about what will keep your reptile healthy and what do you need to ensure your pets live a good life?

Purchasing Dubia roaches from specialized places like TopFlight Dubia is just about the best way to feed your reptile. However, finding the right-sized Dubia roaches can be difficult for some reptile pet owners. Thus, here is a comprehensive idea about how to choose the proper Dubias to feed your pets.

What Are Dubia Roaches?

The Dubia Roaches are also known as “Guyana spotted roach,” “Argentine roach,” and scientifically called the Blaptica Dubia. They are a variety of medium to large cockroach native based in Central and South America. Dubia Roaches are considered to be one of the best insects to feed your reptile pet. It is large and comes with an excellent protein ratio, calcium, phosphorus, protein, etc. A single roach is enough for a day’s meal for your pet.

However, sometimes it is quite challenging to understand the perfect size and roaches’ growth rate, so pet owners often avoid Dubia roaches. Let’s find out how you can find the right roaches to feed your reptile pet.


Dubia roaches come in a wide range of sizes, starting from 1/8″ as babies to 1 1/2″ – 2″ as adults, which makes them the ideal food items for any insect-eating animal. In many cases, Dubia roaches grow along with your pets as they breed and mature.

Many online pet food sellers like TopFlight Dubia often sell insects in three sizes: small, medium, or large. However, the best way is to buy them in inches as it always works.

Understand Their Growth Rate

Dubia roaches do not grow like crickets. Their growth rate varies, and smaller roaches grow faster until they reach adulthood, so it is recommended to buy small sizes.

Understanding your pet’s capacity is better than overestimating it. Many pet owners often overestimate the size and end up buying larger insects. Hence, do your research well. Purchasing small insects and feeding more than one to your reptile pet is the most recommended rule for pet owners.

Try a Sample If You’re Switching to Dubias

Generally, pet owners often choose crickets to feed their reptile pets. But Dubia roaches are preferable for reptiles. Suppose you’re just switching to Dubias and are not sure about how your pet will adopt it, then it’s better to try a sample. Samplers also come in different sizes, and you can pick a smaller size to see if they are right for your pet. Samplers will also help you in determining the right size preferred by your reptile pet.

Check the Species of Your Pet

The eating frequency generally depends on your pet’s species. Hence, it is recommended to first research well about the species you have taken as a pet before buying Dubias.

Ask a Pet Guide or Handler

If you’re still not sure about the sizes, then you can always ask an expert. Request for a pet guide or a handler who works with reptiles as they understand reptiles’ eating habits very well and can provide you with some valuable tips for your pet.

Follow the Rules

Generally, pet owners should follow the thumb rule before buying Dubia roaches. A reptile can easily handle insects that are smaller than the length of the space between their eyes. Check for this particular length for your pet, and then determine the size. For a safe method, initially you can buy smaller insects.

Follow the guide mentioned above to choose the best Dubia roaches for your reptile pet. They are considered to be the perfect feeder source for your reptile and other pets. Investing in a roach colony will offer a healthy, happy, and good life to your reptiles.

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