Signs Your SEO Company Is Hurting You, Not Helping You

The first meeting with the SEO company you hired is always exciting as you have a lot of expectations from them. You put your confidence in your newly hired agency that they will be able to take your brand to the next level, increase your visibility, and improve your growth. But should you trust them will all things SEO and take a back seat? No. Instead, find out exactly what they are doing during the first few vital parts of the month. The earlier you keep an eye out for their work, the better chance you have of determining if they will hurt or harm your site.  Here are the warning signs.

  • They have nothing to show you

Your chosen SEO services in India need to have something to show you. This can be the SEO practices for their past clientele or even the ones they are doing for you. If you are not seeing results in two or three months, don’t sweat it. It might be too early to show significant SEO results, however, you need to check what strategies your agency is implementing to grow your website and brand, and if you are getting your money’s worth. A few things an SEO agency should be able to provide you as per the contract will be an SEO audit of your site, an analysis of your brand’s profile, an optimized content plan, and any articles with links to your site that have been used by other sites. You need to have proof that they are doing something.

  • They don’t ask you for any tips, help, or anything

A professional SEO agency will need your help as well as your advice about the products and services you do as no one knows this information better than you. They will need to view Google Business, and Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, social handles, target keywords and require admin access to your CMS. If they don’t ask you for any information or data it could be that they are simply adding linkbacks from their network of spam sites which could be harming your brand and website.

  • When asked they have no suggestions for improving your brand

If an SEO agency is not asking or telling you certain things then it’s a sign that they are up to something suspicious. Firms that have nothing to hide and those that are professional will often tell you what to add to your site, give you suggestions and answer any questions you have to ask about their methods. They are interested in your brand and will yield high efforts and results. They will give you recommendations and a few tips here and there on what to do. Agencies that are friendly, approachable, and ready to put in the hard work are the ones you need to go for.

The Takeaway

As an eCommerce website development service, you need to figure out if you are working with a scam or a legit agency. Firstly, be patient, SEO takes time. If you don’t see results post three or four months then you need to worry. Do your own research and learn what you can about SEO and try to keep up-to-date with industry changes, and most importantly work with your agency (alongside them) view them as a partner and take in the recommendations and advice they give while providing them with your share of ideas too. Seo agencies cannot guarantee work or full money-back guarantees because SEO is always changing and so are the search engine rankings, a practice that may work well one month might not do so well in the next month. Have a clear understanding of what you expect your agency to do and convey that to them.

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