Why to Buy Total Bike Oil in India?

Over the years, the two-wheeler sector of the country has witnessed a massive expansion. And, brands like Total bike engine oil plays a significant role in this growth. It is one of the top four oil and lubricant companies in the world to extend the HI-PERF variant of motor engine oils in India. The brand claims that this range is designed for smaller displacements along with premium motorcycles in the country.

A Brief History of Total

Total Oil India Private Limited expanded its presence in the year 1993. The company focuses its operations on automotive as well as industrial applications,LPG for domestic and commercial applications, etc. The company has a staunch presence in the energy sector. The brand has a technical centre based out in Mumbai that caters to country-specific requirements.

Why Choose TOTAL HI-PERF Bike Oil?

The TOTA HI-PERF motor engine oil provides improved engine performance life by addressing the regular issues faced by the engine such as breaking, constant gear changes, excessive use of the clutch, etc. The company has a pan India coverage of more than 297 distributors, 31 depots, and 40000 dealers.

Following are some of the reasons why TOTAL HI-PERF is so popular –

  • Durability Improper

This range of engine oil offers a lot of technical advantages. With Total engine oil, you get improved deposit control, better wear protection, enhanced oxidation control and reinforced clutch friction durability.

  • Fuel Economy

This engine oil range helps in saving money on every ride. It reduces frictional losses, thereby allowing the engine to perform smoothly for a longer period of time. By ensuring seamless engine performance, you can ensure optimum clutch operation.

  • Cooling Effect

This range of engine oil keeps the engine cool in a country like India, where the temperature is hot and humid. It facilitates faster thermal load speed and controlled oil sump temperature.

Why Does The Right Bike Engine Matter?

It is the motor oil that keeps the engine in your vehicle running smoothly and lubricates the components to reduce the friction between them. The engine oil takes the heat away from inside the engine, thereby providing excellent acceleration, fuel economy and speed.

And changing engine oil on a regular basis makes sure that the engine continues to run efficiently. More than when to change the oil, the kind of oil you use it on the engine matters more. It is important to ensure that you stick to the brand and grade of engine oil recommended in the OEM specifications.

While synthetic engine oil is the most expensive option, it offers optimum performance. These are specially designed to offer more lubrication to the engine and its parts in high and low temperatures.

Final Thoughts

With the massive demand for mobility, there has been a considerable growth in the two-wheeler sector in India. In fact, this market has surpassed the China market, which was the biggest in the world. And Total is an engine oil brand that is assisting manufacturers in the country to offer vehicles that work at their optimum potentials.

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