Why Should You Consider Using Delta 8 THC Tincture

Whether it’s for medicinal or recreational purposes, you’ve no doubt been hearing a lot of buzz surrounding the benefits of using Delta 8 THC tincture. While this type of tincture is relatively new, there is no denying the massive amount of exposure it is currently getting in the Cannabis community.

But what is Delta 8, and why has it had such a sudden rise to the top of all cannabis forums? To understand this, you must understand the components and properties of this compound.

Is THC Medicinal?

THC is a strong reliever of stress and anxiety, but it has been used for medicinal purposes for longer than you may think. Since the 1980s, a medical drug called Dronabinol has been used to stimulate appetite in HIV patients and reduce nausea symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Dronabinol is just a chemically synthesized version of THC. It is hardly in use now as most people get their THC from the source plant in the form of a compound known as Delta-9-THC. This compound is the primary producer of THC in the source plant, and it gives the same benefits as Dronabinol without being chemically synthesized.

Is More THC Better?

One common complaint that many users have had recently is concerning the side effects of Delta 9-THC. When taken in high doses, THC leads to an increase in paranoia and, as a result, anxiety. Dizziness and headaches are some of the most common side effects that come with consuming THC.

Remember that these are side effects and are, in most cases, based on an individual’s tolerance level and state of mind. It should be noted that most of the recreational cannabis that is legally sold in the United States focuses on a high concentration of THC.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 9 is derived from the chemical bond between two atoms of a THC molecule. Specifically, the double bond that is located at the 9th carbon in the molecular chain. Similarly, Delta 8 is derived from the double bond at the 8th carbon in the chain.

While it may seem like an anatomically small change, it makes all the difference to the users. People have reported continuously lower sedation levels, lower levels of anxiety provocation, and general clear-headedness after consuming a Delta 8 THC tincture.

What Does The Law Say?

Under US Federal law, any form of cannabis with a THC concentration of less than 0.3% is perfectly legal. State laws, of course, vary based on individual state regulations. This benchmark is an accepted method of differentiating between hemp and cannabis as hemp will always have a THC concentration lower than 0.3%.

This is good news for Delta 8 THC as it is sourced exclusively from hemp, giving it a natural concentration of THC that is low enough to be freely produced and sold in all states under federal law.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

In short, Yes. Delta 8 THC tincture is made exclusively from hemp, which is naturally lower in THC concentration than any other cannabis variant. It still provides the psychoactive benefits of Delta 9 without inducing unwanted side effects and is freely available under US federal law, which makes it accessible by all states.

Delta 8 Is the Future

Apart from being freely available while still giving similar recreational sensations to users without the unwanted side effects, Delta 8 is also considered to have a more stable shelf-life. This is giving it quite a bit of attention from the medical community as this makes it a better option than Delta 9 for being used as a prescription drug.

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