Why Hexa High Power Blender Is So Popular 

When I think of blenders, I remember one time when I had a low power blender. It left the chewing ingredients in my smoothies and soup and could not produce stable nut butter. With the introduction of the Hexa high power blender, I can’t be too happy.

Today, we have thousands of new recipes you can try. However, it is frustrating to have an attractive recipe to try but not have the right kitchen tool to help with the preparation process. However, with a powerful blender, it was easy to make delicious smoothies, creamy cashew sauces and combine frozen ingredients with ice cubes, berries, and more minutes. And that’s not all – see why you should fall in love with this blender.

The speed of the mixing force is equal to the speed. Standard blenders have cars that use 500 to 1000 watts. On the other hand, a powerful blender uses more than 1000 watts. The Hexa high power blender uses 1600 watts of motor – almost two horsepower. This high-energy speed ensures the rapid mixing of ingredients into a more delicate melting substance in your mouth. The powerful speed motor blends from a rate of 16,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM, which means you can blend almost everything you need. Despite being a high power blender, there is minimal noise coming from the blender.

Hexa Blade Technology

See how a tornado occurs- it is similar to the blending technique with the Hexa high power blender. The Hexa blade creates a tornado in the jug ensuring all ingredients move closer to the edge, which blends everything into a rich texture. The strong Hexa blade contributes to fast and consistent blended smoothies and sauces. In other words, the six blades create a tornado in the 2-liter jug, crushing and smoothening all ingredients into a finely textured smoothie, soup, margaritas, and others.

Automatic Safety System

Standard blenders lack automatic safety systems. This can sometimes contribute to a motor overheating and ending the lifetime of the blender. But that is not the case with Hexa high power blenders. Instead, you get a blender that automatically powers off when the heat reaches a limit that could destroy the blender’s motor through overheating. Even when you lift off the jug from the motor case, the operation stops immediately. Although you shouldn’t lift off the jar when the blender is still running, it is safe to know about the blender’s automatic safety system.

High-End Material

We’ve seen jugs break when put even under minimal pressure. A Hexa high power blender is built using premium materials that ensure its longevity. The motor is cased in a stainless steel shell, while the jug is BPA-free Tritan. Besides being made with premium materials, the blender is lightweight.

Pre-Programed Buttons

Undoubtedly, the Hexa high power blender is a high technology machine. As such, it has a modern finish with various preprogrammed features included to make blending simple. There is a smoothie button, ice crush, and soup buttons on the blender, clearly labeled for your convenience. Also on the blender is an on/off switch, speed control, and pulse that help you puree or blend your ingredients into nutritious diets.

Aesthetic Look

Thanks to the stainless steel shell and colorless jug, Hexa high power blender is appealing and matches most other kitchen appliances. The blender’s color ensures it blends in with other kitchen appliances, making it the right fit for any kitchen. The blender is almost 20 inches tall and might not fit in small cupboards. But, if you have a large countertop, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Easy to Clean

Another reason this blender is popular is the ease of cleaning it. Considering the blade is detachable, it is risky to clean the blender using your hands. Instead, adding warm water and a little liquid cleansing agent can do. After, you need to cover the jug and hold the pulse button for 20 seconds to rinse off the ingredient remains from the blade and the container. The last step is to add more warm, clean water to a final rinse and leave the jug to dry.

A kitchen workhorse, the Hexa high power blender can turn ingredients into something better. Almond plus water change into almond milk, sugar becomes powdered sugar, and soup ingredients become ready to drink soup. That’s right- you don’t have to put your blended soup on a stove to catch some warmth. Instead, the soup comes out ready for consumption. Generally, this piece is something every kitchen enthusiast should have.

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