Lasers have significantly evolved as an aesthetic technology, as more people seek cosmetic laser treatments for various reasons. As a cosmetic surgeon in practice, you have to determine the best laser to buy or lease to ensure you can deliver the best service to your patients. That requires intensive research; otherwise, you may be stuck with laser machines that are not reliable or are outdated.

Thankfully laser technology in cosmetic surgery has flourished. The first step of the research process is to understand how aesthetic lasers work and which laser technology categories exist in the market. According to the laser trader, there are many categories of cosmetic lasers such as:

  • Vascular lasers.
  • Tattoo removal lasers.
  • Hair removal lasers.
  • Body contouring devices.
  • Resurfacing lasers etc.

So which laser should you use for your cosmetic surgery practice? To achieve a better understanding of this, we’ll look into the considerations you must have in mind when choosing a laser for your cosmetic surgery practice.

The patients you target

The laser is supposed to serve your patients, so you must know the kind of patients you target before choosing a laser. For instance, a pulsed dye laser may be a good start if you target patients with acne. But, a good idea is to start with a multipurpose laser that targets different conditions. Then as time goes by, you can incorporate lasers that treat specific conditions to meet your patients’ demands. If you buy a laser machine without knowing if the patients will be there to seek treatment, that may be a costly upfront investment.

Ask around

It is wise to ask around for recommendations from experienced cosmetic surgeons in practice who are already using these lasers. Not only ask around, but you should also attend meetings by such professionals where you can learn more about laser technology, see the technologies at work and even talk with specialists who use them.

Asking a specialist who uses the machine to recommend the best one provides you with an insight you might never get from the laser company itself. Besides, if you go to the laser company, they are only after selling you the machine. But if you go there when informed, you know the right questions to ask and how to check if the machines meet your expectations.

The maintenance

When buying a laser machine, you have to remember that you are in this for the long haul. Note that it is not a standalone device, but it is a whole process that also needs expert maintenance. You need to consider consumables such as laser tips and cartridges and their availability. So this is a long-term partnership you are forming with the manufacturer.

Test the device

At least test the device or see it in use before making your final decision. Some laser companies bring in the device so that you see how it works or attend workshops that help you get a hands-on experience with these lasers. Like automobiles, it is best to test the device before buying.

A key takeaway

Choose a reputable laser trader that you can rely on whenever you have an issue with your laser device.

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