What Is an Entertainment Attorney?

When most people hear the term “lawyer” or “attorney”, they often scrunch their faces in disgust thanks to the notoriously poor image many have of lawyers. Plenty of people believe lawyers are well-educated tricksters that want nothing more than your money. Lawyers can help individuals and families get compensation when tragedy strikes, protect their small businesses when an unruly customer decides to sue, and so much more. An entertainment attorney is a particularly versatile type of attorney, but many are unfamiliar with who they are and what they do.

What Are Entertainment Attorneys?

Entertainment attorneys are lawyers that specialize in the entertainment industry. Like all other lawyers, entertainment lawyers undergo an undergraduate degree and later receive their doctorate degree in law from an accredited law school. Next, most lawyers must pass a couple of tests, including the bar exam.

Some lawyers that are interested in specific industries go on to receive a master’s degree in that industry. There are a few master’s degree programs that specifically focus on entertainment law. This degree isn’t necessary to pursue entertainment law, but it can help further a lawyer’s understanding of the intricacies of the entertainment industry.

What Do Entertainment Attorneys Do?

When many people enter the entertainment industry, they initially hire an entertainment lawyer to negotiate contracts for them. Contracts can be long and complicated documents that are difficult for a layperson to interpret and understand, potentially roping an artist or entertainer into an unfair agreement.

An entertainment lawyer can ensure that the contract you are about to sign is fair, and they can potentially negotiate better terms on your behalf. This can save the entertainer plenty of stress, and it may allow them to get paid more for their work.

Entertainment attorneys can also help clients who have been accused of stealing intellectual property or violating a contract. An entertainment lawyer will work to build a solid case that proves their client’s innocence, or they can negotiate a settlement that will keep both parties out of a long court battle and save you thousands of dollars.

An entertainment lawyer can also help you get compensation if another artist or entertainer steals your intellectual property. Some people will do this on purpose, especially if they detect that an entertainer won’t be able to defend themselves in court. Getting your work stolen is a stressful and life-changing event, but an entertainment lawyer can help you recoup those losses.

These are just a few of the many tasks an entertainment lawyer can help you with, and it can be incredibly helpful to have one on your side.

Do I Need an Entertainment Attorney?

Most entertainers that are very early on in their career won’t need an entertainment lawyer, at least until they begin signing contracts and working through other aspects of the entertainment industry like merchandising deals.

If you had your intellectual property stolen, or someone is accusing you of the same, you will probably need to enlist the help of an entertainment lawyer to help you build your case.

Navigating the entertainment industry can be tricky, but entertainment lawyers exist to help entertainers maneuver the legal obligations that come with the industry.

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