Virtual Career Fair Software: A Revolution in the Recruiters World?

Virtual career fair software is one of the fast-developing industries, with many companies taking the initiative to use it for many recruiting exercises. This is an online platform, making it accessible to many people across the globe at the same time. It is a viable way for recruiters and hiring managers to effectively and easily connect and engage with several candidates simultaneously within one online platform. The virtual hiring fair platforms enable companies to massively expand their applicant reach, which helps them save time. Compared to the traditional methods used to screen and interview potential candidates, a lot of time is saved when this platform is used for recruitment.

The virtual career fair software is highly customizable. Companies can customize their virtual hiring events to accommodate their brand, issue candidates with all the necessary information about the company, stream live events, divide events into sections, and connect to individual candidates one-on-one. More so, they also boost candidate engagement, as evidenced by research. In addition, the virtual career fair software comes with tones of great futures which are practical. Below are some of the key features featured in the platforms.

The Top features of Virtual Career Fair Software

Video Chat

The online platform comes with exceptional and seamless video and audio chat features. The company can easily switch between video and audio chat features, and no buffering is experienced during the transition. It is easy to make the transition using a click of a button. The platform also has high-quality video features; therefore, no third-party add-ins are required to enhance the video properties. In addition to the above, the software has video chat metrics that provide users with insights to help them enhance the recruiter and candidate experience.

In a planned update, the virtual hiring fair software will have a feature that permits the scheduling of interviews to allow recruiters to schedule video chats before the event begins.

Webinars and Video Broadcasts

It is possible to host live video broadcasts as well as webinars within virtual career fair software. There is no need to integrate third-party software to enable recruiters to live stream webinars in a virtual hiring event. The webinars can host up to four presenters for multi-presenter webinars or panel0style discussions. There is a built-in discussion feed where candidate questions can be answered, comments monitored, and promotes continuous engagement throughout the presentation.

The unique platform also can record live webinars. This is helpful since it can be shared with other candidates or used in recruitment marketing material.

Event Promotion Tools

The virtual career fair software also has event promotion tools that capture more candidates through simple event marketing tools. For example, it has custom landing pages that match the employer’s brand and are optimized to draw interested candidates to sign up for any virtual event. It also has built-in candidate sourcing options, which help companies advertise their event on numerous websites and job boards, expanding their reach. Additionally, the software’s job req plugin automatically promotes online events.

It also has to track links that can be used to assess how helpful the promotions are and analyze how the paid marketing money is working.

Integrations & Follow Up features

The software is also known to have unique integration and follow-up features built in to ensure no candidates are left behind. It has the custom and native API integration that facilitate candidate data to be passed into CRM and ATS without disrupting the ongoing talent acquisition event. It also has features that can help users rate their candidates after chats to help make follow-ups. Also, the platform allows candidates to upload their resumes, transcripts, and messages. This can be accessed by hiring managers and other recruiting facilitators simultaneously on the same platform.

The respected software also has the calendar integrations feature, allowing recruiters to schedule follow-up interviews with all qualified candidates from the recruitment event.

Analytics and Dashboards

The virtual hiring fair software also has the remarkable analytics and dashboard feature, which helps track the performance of virtual hiring events. It has built-in dashboards in every account to provide real-time analytics on the performance of any event. It also has to track links that come in handy in providing insights into a person’s top marketing channels. This gives one the chance to allocate recruitment marketing dollars where it is productive.

The platform also can analyze the most successful events by tracking all sign-ups, attendance rates, registrants, video chat analytics, and many more.

Event Series

The virtual career fair software saves time by allowing users to create an event once and add it into a series. For example, a user can add a virtual hiring event into a repetitive series to provide potential candidates with different dates and times to attend the event.

One can also schedule an event series to terminate on a set date or even run indefinitely. Again, this saves time since recruiters can focus on engaging the candidates rather than creating multiple events.

The event series feature also permits the user to edit the details of an upcoming event. The user has total control over how events run.

Scheduled Chat

The unique platform also makes it possible to single out the top candidates and schedule them for a chat at a scheduled time and date. In addition, the software enhances the candidates’ experience with the platform chat at present time slots when the event progresses. More so, the user can effectively manage the team’s resources and time for efficient connections. Finally, the hiring managers and recruiters can empower their teams to be ready for their conversations way ahead of time.

The virtual hiring fair software has come at the right time to revolutionize the job recruiting exercise globally. It has simplified the entire process and has also ensured recruiters can reach a wider audience when seeking potential candidates. The software comes with features that enhance and streamline the user experience of both the recruiters and the candidates. With the ongoing Covid pandemic, this is a great way to interact with thousands of candidates without exposing them to the deadly virus. Indeed, the virtual career fair software deserves the attention of every recruiter and candidate across the world.

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