This might be the first time you are hearing about the slang nangs. You are wondering what those are. Like I mentioned earlier nangs is a slang but scientifically it’s known as Nitrous Oxide. This is a gas that causes giggle fits, sound distortion, blurred vision, loss of coordination, and short euphoria when inhaled. Some other names for this gas are ‘ laughing gas’ whippets or bullets. It has existed for a long time since 1772 and has been used recreationally for more than 200years

It has been classified as a psychoactive substance. Nangs are considered quick and cheap high that can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. It also depends on how much you’ve taken and what drugs you mixed it with.

Other than recreation, nitrous oxide has a variety of other uses in; medicine, manufacturing, construction, and in culinary use. How you get the gas from the factory to your premises is of utmost importance since it’s considered as a hazardous substance in most jurisdictions. Nangs Melbourne specializes in the delivery of all types of nitrous oxide from the production site to your premises.

Types Of Nitrous Oxide

The different varieties are manufactured depending on use, ranging from technical use to food use and medical. We will examine the different varieties to gain a better understanding on what makes them diverse.

  1. Technical grade – This type of gas is mainly used in the industrial market because it’s considered less pure at a level of 98%. The impurities are borne of the fact that no filter is fitted in the cylinder to act as a residual pressure valve for preventing rust and particles such as dust from entering the canister. Technical grade nang is used in combusting oxygen in the engine, in electronics manufacturing and in aerospace manufacturing because it is much easier to store and stable at room temperature.
  2. Food-grade – This type of nang is considered purer at a level of 99.7%. It lacks the impurities usually found in the technical-grade variety owing to the pressure valve installed in the cylinder. Some common uses include in whipped cream chargers, for the preservation of meat and vegetables owing to their anti-bacterial properties.
  3. Medical grade – As mentioned earlier, nitrous oxide is considered a psychoactive substance. To this end, nang has been used in anesthesia for mild surgeries and as a pain relief as opposed to stronger relievers such as morphine. This type of gas has a purity level similar to that of food grade at 99.7%. Owing to its use in the medical field, the degree of purity has to be assured at the maximum to avoid medical complications during use that can result to liability claims.


Depending on the type, nitrous oxide is transported differently. For instance, medical and industrial-grade gas is transported in larger containers to save on cost and take advantage of economies of scale owing to its commercial use. Food-grade is usually packaged in smaller canisters for effective use and handling. An understanding of the end use helps in packaging and transportation.

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