Top Factors to Consider when Buying Boxing Gloves for Beginners

Boxing can be a leisure activity for some people while others train to take part in competitions. Getting the right pair of gloves is an intricate part of the process to ensure that the participants are comfortable and can punch without the risk of getting injured. Sites that promote grassroots boxing, such as, have information on boxers and how they got into the sport. Visiting such authority sites will help you discover the ideal gear to buy, including gloves. For those unable to get the necessary equipment, you can get information on alternatives to use and DIY options to help you kick start your career. Below we discuss the top aspects that you must bear in mind when purchasing boxing gloves for beginners.

  • Type of boxing glove

Manufacturers bring different types of boxing gloves to the market. All the varieties have specific advantages ideal for a particular kind of training. If you are a beginner, you have to work with an expert to establish the variation of boxing that you are going for. Bag gloves are one alternative that you will come across. Units that fall in this category offer better wrist support and feature thick padding in their design. Modern bag gloves are preferred over the classic option for various reasons. Generally, traditional bag gloves are not ideal for beginners since they lack the appropriate padding. Sparring gloves are the other variation present in stores and a perfect option for beginners as they are light with proper padding that helps prevent injury. Cardio, kickboxing, competition, and fighting gloves are the other types you will encounter as you shop. Familiarize yourself with each alternative and pick one that caters to your needs.

  • Cost

Pricing is a critical factor that you can overlook when shopping for boxing gloves. Design elements and additional features determine the cost of a particular pair. Some brands cost more than others. However, buying expensive options does not always mean that you will get the best. Evaluate the features and know more about the pair you are interested in before placing your order. Having a budget will help you make a well-versed decision. Check virtual stores for price ranges and set a working financial plan and stick to it. When buying online, include delivery charges into the overall budget. Check all other costs on the site you choose to buy from to determine whether you are still within the confines of your budget or not. It is best to buy your first pair of boxing gloves from a brick-and-mortar establishment in your locality. This way, you do not incur additional charges such as shipping fees.

  • Size and weight

When shopping, you will come across small, medium, and large boxing gloves. The size of your hands dictates the best alternative for you to buy. You have to measure your hand circumference to determine the appropriate size for you. Ask the customer support questions regarding the scale they use and use the same to get the dimensions of your hands to guarantee you get the right fit. After you have settled on the ideal size, weight is the next component you must decide on. The mass of gloves varies with the type that you choose. The weight ranges go from 12oz to 20oz. The materials that the manufacturer uses to design their units influence the total weight of the gloves you purchase. Luckily, the different producers in the market ensure that their products are within the ideal weight limit as dictated by the size of the boxer’s hands.


  • Durability

Boxing is a high-intensity activity, and the gloves you buy should be able to protect your hands for an extended period. Multiple factors determine the durability of the pair you acquire. The material the producer uses for the padding and the outer covering dictates the robustness of the glove. Leather and vinyl are among the common materials for the outer part of the glove, while the inner side is foam. Other than the material, the craft is another element that determines the longevity of the glove. Buying from a top-tier manufacturer is one way to ensure that you purchase a quality product. Read through reviews from experts and previous buyers before you settle on a particular unit. This way, you get to know the merits and demerits of the gloves before you buy them.

The gloves you purchase will determine whether you enjoy your boxing experience or not. The factors above are among the top ones to remember, but they are not the only ones. The closure type and purpose of the gloves are among the other aspects that you have to consider. Getting recommendations from those around you in the boxing community will help you know more about boxing gloves and the best brands to purchase from.


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