The UK All Points East Festival 2023: A Spectacular Blend of Music, Fun, and JINRO Soju

The beats were pulsating, the crowd was buzzing, and the music was electrifying as the UK All Points East Festival 2023 unfolded from Friday, August 18th, to Monday, August 28th. This extraordinary celebration of music brought together over 450,000 festival-goers, featuring 316 artists performing across seven different stages. Amid this vibrant atmosphere, JINRO proudly stood as a notable presence, offering festival attendees an unforgettable experience at our dedicated booth.

JINRO’s Prime Location

Situated in the heart of the festival grounds, with a captivating view of the East Stage, the JINRO booth beckoned festival-goers to immerse themselves in an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. Beyond being strategically located, the booth was thoughtfully designed to elevate brand awareness while providing a haven for festival attendees.


The central focus of the JINRO booth was to create an inviting space where festival-goers could savor the unique flavors of JINRO Soju and unwind amidst the festival frenzy. Here’s what festival attendees could expect at our booth:

  1. The JINRO Bar: Our expert team at the JINRO booth offered an enticing range of JINRO Soju selections, highlighting the versatility of this beloved Korean spirit. From the timeless appeal of classic Soju shots to the exploration of innovative JINRO flavors, there was an option to satisfy every discerning palate.
  2. Flip the Bottle Challenge: Thrill-seekers could test their skills and compete with friends in the “Flip the Bottle Challenge.” This fun and interactive game added an extra layer of excitement to the JINRO experience.
  3. Free Polaroid Photos: To capture memories that would last a lifetime, festival-goers had the opportunity to take home free Polaroid photos. It was the perfect way to remember the incredible moments shared at the festival.
  4. Free Drink Sampling: For those eager to explore JINRO’s rich array of flavors, we offered complimentary drink sampling. This allowed festival attendees to discover their personal JINRO favorites and expand their horizons.

A Taste of Success

The reaction to the JINRO booth was nothing short of extraordinary. More than 11,000 participants eagerly took on the challenge at the “Flip to Jinro Bottle Challenge,” showcasing their skills and competitive spirit. Additionally, over 1,000 Polaroid photos were snapped, capturing cherished moments, and an impressive 3,000 cups of JINRO Soju were generously distributed as part of our free drink sampling initiative.

As the final note of the UK All Points East Festival 2023 echoed through the air,  17,000 cups of JINRO Soju had been sold. This exceptional accomplishment not only underscored the festival-goers’ deep appreciation for our brand but also underscored the surging popularity of JINRO in the UK and across borders. It’s a testament to the universal appeal of JINRO Soju, and we are deeply grateful to all who joined us in making this festival unforgettable.

As the sun set over Victoria Park and the festival came to a close, we at JINRO were left with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude. Our presence at the UK All Points East Festival 2023 allowed us to connect with music lovers, share the joy of JINRO Soju, and create unforgettable memories together.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the festival organizers, the artists who graced the stages, and most importantly, to the festival-goers who made this experience truly unforgettable. Until we meet again at the next festival, remember that JINRO Soju is here to add a touch of Korea’s vibrant spirit to your celebrations, wherever they may be.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, events, and opportunities to savor the extraordinary world of JINRO Soju. Cheers to the music, the moments, and the magic that made the UK All Points East Festival 2023 an event to remember.

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