The Importance of Industrial Security in New Orleans

As industries come in all shapes, sizes, and types, so, too, industrial security should be tailored for the specific location and business. Some companies need more boots on the ground in terms of security personnel walking the premises, while others might need stronger cybersecurity to protect documents in the cloud. Ideally, industrial security should be a multi-pronged approach that covers all aspects of business protection.

Physical Threats

The most common threats to businesses and companies are workplace violence, terrorist threats, and criminality. To protect against these threats most effectively, you need security guard services New Orleans, barriers and gates, and off-limits security zones that are well marked. Make sure your guard services have plans for specific threats, such as active shooter or bomb on the premises.

In addition to the above, a strong ID policy goes a long way towards controlling access to your facility. This can get as high-tech as you want, with retina scanners and the like. However, a security guard stationed at the entrance to check IDs is a great place to start.

Data Threats

The greatest risk with data is to your industrial control systems. Years ago, the ICS were isolated systems that ran proprietary protocols used only by that particular company. This is no longer the case. The push towards connectivity in business has encouraged the adoption of Internet Protocol devices and common IT solutions. Control systems are now less isolated from the outside world and are much more susceptible to hacking and hostile takeovers.

Therefore, ICS cybersecurity is paramount to the overall health of any industry. This security should do the following: restrict physical access to the ICS computers and mainframe, restrict unauthorized changes of data, restrict access to the ICS network, and detect security breaches. Without all of these components in place, any cybersecurity efforts will be inefficient at best.

Personnel Threats

In highly competitive industries, there may even be threats to various company personnel. One of the best protections against personnel threats is education. Teach your employees how to respond appropriately to threats of violence. You can also implement a range of services that may include escorts to and from the parking area, helping employees get restraining orders, and hiring bodyguards when they must attend a prominent event in New Orleans or elsewhere.

Above all, review your security plans frequently to keep them up to date. Industrial security should be a daily habit.

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