The Dock Door Installation

A dock is a bay in a facility where the loaded and unloaded goods from trucks occur. A dock door is basically a type of industrial door made up of sectional doors that move within tracks. Today warehouses and distribution facilities are under pressure to keep up with their customer demands.

Types of Dock Doors

High Speed Dock Doors

The high-speed dock door installation choice for a facility is the most time-saving decision ever made in the facility. They are mostly made of fabric material. Their main function is to quickly open and close. It can be of high efficiency in areas where large and regular cargo is moved in and out of a secure facility. The security operations shall be maximized due to the doors incredible speed.

Rolling Dock Doors

Rolling Dock Doors are usually at most times lightweight and consist of panels that roll to the side. Their main materials are often aluminum or steel. Rolling dock doors have the greatest ability to meet various height limitations faced by other types of dock doors. However, they rank lower on the security and insulation scale than other door types.

Sectional Dock Doors

They are also known as paneled dock doors. Sectional dock doors are what is normally seen in most industrial warehouse facilities. They can be operated via a controller that simplifies the opening and closing of the doors. Due to the ability to be remotely controlled, they can be used as added security in restricting people into a specific area. The sectional dock doors require less maintenance hence making them ideal for larger industrial applications.

Knock Out Dock Doors

Knock-out dock doors are known to offer the most in terms of durability. This is because of their extreme resilience to impact. They are basically modified sectional dock doors with the ability to flex on contact. They are expected to offer the quickest recovery time in case of an accident. Normally, they can be simply placed back in place and proceed to continue to function.

Qualities of a good Dock Door

Before embarking on a dock door installation process, it is important to understand a good dock doors fundamental quality. Below are some tips on the majors to focus on when wanting to install a good dock door.

They should have Good Insulation.

Good Insulation, especially, has to be mandatory in cold storage in facilities. It is also necessary for good insulation in cool room areas, facilitating the movement of goods from the facility to the transport vehicle. This adversely reduces the possibility of the goods dropping in temperature, especially where the goods are to be handled several times throughout the cold chain journey. Good insulation goes a long way in saving the facility some extra cash due to lesser energy consumption to produce cold due to the minimal loss of cold by the dock door.

They should have a Good Seal when Closed.

A good seal on dock doors is an essential way to conserve the facility, the trucks, and the goods. A seal provides an air-tight closure between the truck and the loading dock to keep temperatures consistent in the area. The seal is also vital for keeping insects, dampness, and other unwanted objects out of the facility. Good seals are also found to be cost-effective.

They should be of Low Maintenance capabilities.

Many warehouses globally are overwhelmed by the very expensive cost of maintenance and repair of their access doors, particularly Dock Doors that are not made as per standards. A facility needs to invest accordingly in the installation of a high-quality dock door. Doing so will, in the long run,  benefit the facility, for it shall save majorly on the maintenance and repair costs of the door. This means that a good quality dock door will require a very little maintenance and repair budget for it is to be worth the amount spent to purchase them. The upkeep costs of a cheap dock door will probably outweigh those of a slightly more costly but reliable door. Low maintenance capabilities go a long way in saving in the overall operation cost used in the dock doors functioning due to the made savings.

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