Strategies For Sellers To Prevent The Amazon Suspended Account

For any Amazon seller, the biggest fear lies with a suspended Amazon account. Especially if your account gets suspended, the route you must follow is difficult.

Amazon has the right to permanently or temporarily suspend the account of any seller. Especially if one violates the terms of service, it can take a heavy toll on their performance.

However, here are some steps you can consider to reinstate the Amazon account suspension.

Know The Difference

You must first know the difference between suspensions, denied, and banned. If your account gets suspended, you can go for an Amazon suspension appeal and work according to your plan of action to get your account reinstated.

But if your status is denied, your appeal gets rejected. Getting a banned quality is one of the worst scenarios. There is no way out of such a problem.

Sellers who experience suspension of your account can be frustrated. Sometimes it takes months to get their account back.

Reason Of Suspension

There are several reasons why one experiences suspension of their Amazon. Sometimes, Amazon creates a bar on the seller’s performance in the operating marketplace. If the version is below the bar, you can experience a suspension of your seller account.

Sometimes a violation of Amazon’s policies or selling restricted products can put your account on suspension.

Prevent Suspension

The best way to prevent suspension is to take care of the terms and conditions before you experience the problem.

·       Ask For Annotation On The Account

Ensure you check for the Amazon report and take care of your returns, negative feedback, and imperfect order. You need to be aware of all the claims and messages.

Amazon cares for customers a lot. Hence, handling the shipping process can help you maintain customer satisfaction. As a result, you can avoid the suspension of your account.

·       Download The Seller Application

As you download the Amazon seller application, help you respond to the messages. You must ensure that your labelling is updated. If you sell used items, you must check them closely to avoid selling the wrong products.

·       Read Listing

Avoid selling generic products that are labelled as private. Especially if you are selling personal label products, you must tell your customer about the product’s USP. Talking about your products in the product description helps customers to make informed decisions.

·       Close An Archive Of The Old Listing

We all know that funds and returns are part of online selling games. But you cannot damage your rating with these games. Ensure that you are cautious while sending the products to the buyer.

·       Avoid Selling Counterfeit Goods

Selling counterfeit goods backstab your business. Ensure you avoid taking the risk of selling counterfeit goods while preventing your account from getting suspended.

Bottom Line

It is easy to become an Amazon seller. But the most challenging part is maintaining your account and saving it from getting suspended. If ever you experience the suspension of your account, you must consider these tips to reinstate your Amazon seller account.

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