Smoother School Morning Advice Offered by Family Blogger Amber Massey 

Create easier weekday mornings when taking kids to school with tips from Texas influencer and mother of five.

Amber Massey is a Texas-based mother of five who works as a mom blogger and influencer. She recently offered advice for making school mornings just a little smoother for other parents facing hectic mornings throughout the week.

“The busiest hour of the morning,” she said in a recent post on her @masseya Instagram account. “Get these kids up and at ‘em, fed, fixed, brushed, and off to school on time.” Her video detailed several of her steps for staying organized and showed sweet moments with the kids getting ready.

Get a good night’s sleep: Not only do the kids need sleep, but parents also need sleep to avoid groggy mornings as well. Amber Massey says it’s easy for parents to stay up later than they should just because they finally have some personal time after bedtime, but she recommends getting at least 7 – 8 hours each night.

Wake up earlier than the kids: Waking up before the kids means time for making coffee and getting dressed in peace, says Massey. She says going to bed earlier means she can have some of her personal time in the morning—though it may seem counterintuitive for those who aren’t morning people, this habit will make the mornings smoother.

Prep lunches the night before: While some things may be better packed just before leaving, Amber Massey typically makes sure lunches are ready to go the night before. She likes to use bento-style food savers that fit right into the lunch bags and keep the food separate inside with an easy snap lid closure.

Lay out clothing each evening: Layout out outfits the night before makes it much faster for kids to get dressed and helps them be responsible for some of their tasks in the morning.

Assign jobs to each kid: Dressing, brushing teeth, grabbing bags, feeding pets, letting a dog outside—these are the kinds of small jobs a child might help on school mornings. Massey says to specifically spell out job assignments, so nothing is forgotten. Jobs can be written into a morning chart for each child to check off.

Kids gentle wake alarm clocks: A soft song with a light-up alarm clock can be a great way to help kids wake up on time each morning. Amber Massey says many kids get excited about having their own clock and feeling a little more independent in the mornings.

School mornings can be difficult, says Massey. Waking up early and having to be somewhere five mornings out of the week can start to take a toll on parents (and their kids) after the initial few weeks are over. Getting into a routine is key.

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