Should I Play An Online Casino Only With Good Reviews?

How would you define what a great online casino is? An attractive and modern website, a fast and practical help centre, your favourite games, generous bonuses?

All of these things are important, but when the casino refuses to pay you, they don’t matter.

Winning and not collecting the prize is even worse than losing.

For this reason, players usually attach great importance to reputation and player feedback like in Planet 7 casino reviews. People have different opinions about what makes a game interesting or easy to play, but everyone hopes to win the money after hitting a big jackpot.

Reputation is the most important

How do you evaluate the reputation of a casino? Usually, you must trust the opinion of other players.

When a casino has thousands of registered players and none have complained for years, you can be pretty sure that it is a great online casino that plays fair.

Every time you review a casino, check the internet for any major complaints. Websites like AskGamblers, CasinoMeister, and GamblingGrumbles are very helpful.

However, do not limit yourself to the above. Also, use Google to search for any related information on online forums and other websites.

What to check

  • Assess the complaints according to their severity (amount played, bonus money and real money), evaluate everything and check against the estimated number of visitors to the casino or their winnings.
  • Next, look for reports of manipulated games, blacklisting by other websites, or issues regarding terms and conditions of a casino.
  • Look out for overly flattering feedback. Unfortunately, most casino related websites only contain these types of reviews. All review websites should strive to provide as much information as possible. After all, it’s about protecting the player and their money.

What’s surprising is the fact that even some of the biggest brands fall short by some reputation standards. These are very important companies that, although they cannot be considered pirate casinos, offer terms and conditions that serve as a pretext to take advantage of customers when the situation allows it.

Pirate or fraudulent online casinos

Although you have to pay attention to many points, there are some online casinos that you should never visit. These fall into the pirate casino classification.

In pirate casinos that offer fraudulent and unlicensed games, you can see real crazy things. This is very common in the Russian market. And surprisingly, some of these casinos have a very large market share.

How do you distinguish the pirate from the original? You can use online reviews, as mentioned before.

Less-well-known brands

In addition to pirate casinos, there are also hundreds of small and medium-sized casinos. You will find reviews for most of these online. Normally, they offer good welcome bonuses that you could use to try them out.

Don’t forget that these casinos are not as well known yet as other more reputable brands. Fewer players mean lower winnings.

Even in the case of a site that practices fair play, there is always the possibility of not receiving the prize. If you win $250,000 at a casino like this, they may have problems paying you as they simply don’t have enough money. If you are a high roller who prefers high volatility games, stick with the biggest brands.

And one last tip for now …

Don’t forget to check the possible monthly withdrawal limits. Some casinos limit withdrawals to $2,000 per month or even less.

So, if you get a big prize in one of these casinos, you may spend months and months withdrawing your prize. And always with the added risk of the casino closing before you can get all your money out.

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