Quick Fix For HP Touchpad That Is Not Working

Any fragment that dysfunctions on a laptop or device is no good especially if that is someone’s whole life and work. The HP touchpad, unless someone is using a USB connected mouse, is how someone navigates through their device. If the HP touchpad not working, it can leave people feeling somewhat lost.

– Most importantly, before proceeding to troubleshoot for the touchpad, make sure to disconnect the USB mouse before attempting to use the touchpad on the device. At times, the device will turn off the touchpad in order to use a connected USB mouse. Aside from that, there could be various reasons why the HP touchpad not working.

– In general one of the first basic things to consider is to make sure that the power source is properly connected and charging the device. This can be done by simply plugging other devices into the same outlet. If they are powered on with no issues then it could be the laptop itself.

– If the laptop is powering on and is being charged with no issues, then go to the next step which is to try disabling and enabling the touchpad. Common enough HP touchpads can often be turned on and off by double-tapping the upper left corner of the touchpad. Try doing this to see if the touchpad begins to work again.

-If there is no change with the touchpad the next step would be to attempt a hard reset on the HP. Begin by turning the HP laptop off and disconnecting it from the power source and any other USB devices that may be connected. Now flip the device over and remove the battery compartment from the back of the laptop. Now that the device no longer has the battery attached, flip it over and press, and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Next, flip the laptop over and reinsert the battery until it clicks. Turn over the laptop and connect the charger and power the device. Sometimes a reboot menu will pop up before fully powering the device so make sure to select “start windows normally” and tap enter.

– Once the device has powered on, there is an option to run windows update and HP support assistance from the internet which will help update the device with the latest drivers for the touchpad specifically. If the drivers are out of date this could be the cause of the problem. On the HP support website, there is the option to select “software & drivers”. Once selected, input the correct model number of the laptop. The webpage will bring up the specific laptop that is being inquired about and will ask which operating system it is using and what version it has. A link that says “drivers-keyboard, mouse and input devices” will pop up at the bottom. Click the link which will then bring up the newest update for the wireless button driver. Select download if this update is not on the laptop. Once you double click the driver in the files on the laptop it will prompt it to start downloading. Check to see if the touchpad works after this update has been downloaded.

– Always remember to check for any windows updates that may be waiting. This can be located in the main settings. Then select “Update & security” on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up a page that will show a button called “check for updates” which will then search for any new updates. If there are new updates it will automatically start updating. After following these steps, always power the laptop on and off and see if the touchpad begins working.

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