Q&A from a private forum: what foreign languages do women in webcam jobs speak?

An interesting question posted on a private forum dedicated to the webcam jobs industry inspired this article. “Hi, girls! I was thinking of learning another language, besides English. Maybe Italian or Spanish. What other languages do you know and how has this helped you in your private sessions? Thanks!”, a young woman by the name of Jessyca asked. Soon, answers came pouring in. We have selected the best ones and we present them to you below.

“I think Spanish is quite easy to learn. And, since it’s already one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, there is no reason not to go for it. Hablemos español!”, Misses YesNo answered. “I started to learn French. A lot of my members in webcam jobs speak it as their native language, so it will help me impress them. Moreover, I think it’s a very sexy language. After all, everybody knows the expression ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir’, right?”, Marya said, jokingly. Ivonna also recommends French, thinking that it’s a useful language, considering that it is of international circulation. 

On the other hand, Petra recommends both Italian and Spanish. “A colleague of mine from webcam jobs had an Italian member and they talked in Italian in private. From what I saw, their friendship evolved nicely, he cared about her and he asked her if she ate for lunch or if she took enough breaks. It depends on how many members from Italy and Spain or from Italian and Spanish talking countries you have. But if you could learn them both, it would be great”, she advised the original poster, Jessyca.

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“Nowadays, French and German are very sought after, but if you could learn Japanese, you would hit it big. It will not only help you in webcam jobs but in your personal life as well. However, the most important thing when starting to learn a new language is not how widely spoken it is worldwide, but how much you like it. If you embrace that certain country and you have some social and cultural references, it will be much easier for you”, answered Booboo, who works at 

Meanwhile, Adira raises a very interesting issue regarding members in French-speaking countries. “They don’t know English very well or don’t want to speak it. Therefore, if you learn French, you will gain an important advantage and you will most certainly make more money. Or you could do the same thing with Italian and Spanish, which I think are easier to learn”, she said. “I know Russian and it helps because many members want to hear me speak this language, even if they don’t know it. It sounds exotic and sexy to them and it works for me”, Simo said. 

“I would suggest Portuguese. It’s a very cute language, spoken not only in Portugal but also in Brazil, Guinea, and other such territories. I didn’t know it was this popular before I started learning it. Obrigado!”, Marguerita concluded.

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