Moving with children – how to make your Toronto move smoother

Moving is stressful to begin with, but when children are involved, things get even more complicated. There are so many things that you have to be mindful of even without adding children to the equation. Hiring professional local movers in Toronto will help you enjoy a seamless move. Asides from that, you can also have your own contribution to the wellbeing of the little ones during the move. Here are our tips for making your Toronto move smoother while moving with kids.

Be open and honest

Before you do anything else, start talking to your kids about the upcoming move. Sit down with them and explain what will happen next and what are the reasons why you are moving. Even a local Toronto move could become confusing and anxiety-generating for children. However, depending on how you wrap things, they could take it easier and, who knows, might even grow to like the idea. Find the right time to tell them and build up to the moment, while keeping them relaxed. They should also be ready for when your Toronto local movers will come to the house. After all, they are strangers who will take out their things, so explain this carefully to them in advance. Just remember: unless you talk about Santa, it is never a good idea to lie to your children.

Get them familiar with the new neighbourhood

Kids are mostly excited about seeing new places, so an advance visit with them to the new neighbourhood should be a great idea. Try highlighting the positive aspects of the place you will be moving to. Is there a cool ice cream place nearby? Or maybe a giant park with playgrounds? Maybe there is a cinema two blocks away? Whatever there is, make sure you show it to your children. If you see your local Toronto movers driving by you in a truck, skip showing them that. It might be intimidating. Emphasize the advantages of living in that area and they will start seeing them, too. Who knows, maybe your kids will start enjoying the prospect of the move even more than you.

Explain the movers’ role

Even if you are super excited about the local Toronto movers company you hired, your kids might not share the enthusiasm. As we mentioned before, it is a good idea to explain to them in advance who the movers are and what they do. Otherwise, a man who comes inside your house to grab your favourite teddy bear and take it away could really be confusing and scary. Everything here depends on the age of your children and whether or not they witnessed a move before. When your movers arrive, introduce them to your kids. Having names to associate with the faces will make the situation easier. All reputable local movers in Toronto are used to situations of this kind and it is most likely to cooperate with you. After all, it is to everyone’s advantage to have the kids stay quiet and peaceful during the move, as opposed to adding more to the hassle of the day.

Get the kids involved

If they are big enough to walk and talk, you can ask your kids to lend you a hand. “Here, you take this box of stuffed toys and take it to Tim, our mover.”. They will feel included and felt like they contributed, on the one hand. On the other hand, being busy will keep them away from any anxieties that may occur. Ask your local Toronto movers to cooperate with you here, as well. Regardless of how small the help actually is, it will feel like a lot to your children and they will be proud of the input they brought. Just make sure they don’t force anything by trying to lift or carry items that are too heavy. If you have stairs, keep an eye on your kids while they climb them up and down carrying items, since they are probably not used to it.

Call a babysitter

If your children are too small or you are in any way worried they will not get along with your local Toronto movers, it is better to call a nanny for the day. After all, a move is stressful, and if you show any sign of stress at all, your kids will feel it, as well. Call a friend or their regular babysitter if you are not sure how the kids will react to the move. Better safe than sorry. While you and your Toronto movers complete the job, the kids can play with their babysitter. This way, everyone will be more relaxed and take things easier. Whatever works best for you.

Moving with children is a combination of two time-consuming and stress-inducing activities: moving and taking care of children. While the first is slightly unpleasant, the second does become a little unpleasant by adding a new thing you must pay attention to. We hope the pieces of advice we brought are helpful and we hope you manage your next move properly. If you need professional local movers to make your life easy on the day of your move, Let’s Get Moving- Moving Company is right here, a phone call away from you. Call us today to get an estimate and hope to meet you and your amazing kids soon!

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