Moving To A More Advanced Vape Device

Many people have successfully transitioned from smoking cigarettes to vaping and use the same vape device or something similar for the majority of their vaping experience. As an excellent form of nicotine replacement therapy, many different vape devices are available for the vaper to utilise. Simple, easy-to-use disposable vapes, too much more advanced vapes using upgraded components to enable experienced vapers to vape in a certain way. Using this article, I want to highlight one of these more advanced devices, its differences from the simpler devices and the benefits available to those that use them.

The Evolution of Vape Devices

At the start of the vaping revolution, nearly all vape devices consisted of an internal battery, a tank to fill with e-liquid, a coil contained within the tank that, when heated by the battery, produces the vapour and a power switch. Advances in vaping technology brought newer features that included variable power settings on the battery pack and different types of coils suitable for several ways of vaping.

Is Pod Kit Is the Answer?

Recently, a further advancement has been replacing the traditional coil/tank design with a plastic pod containing the coil or wicking material. Once the coil in the pod has expired, it is replaced, removing the task of changing coil or cleaning tanks; it also gives the vaper the possibility of switching between flavours quickly by changing to a different pod. One of the best examples of this newer type of vape device is the Smok Nord range of pod kits; stylish in design, they represent the vaping industry’s quest for continuous advancement.

An Excellent Option

The Smok Nord pod kit is an excellent choice for any vaper looking to progress their vaping experience to a more advanced machine. Amply powered by a 1800mAh battery with variable power settings from 5w to 50w, it also utilises a fast-charging type C USB port, giving a reliable 1.2 ah current. Other features include compatibility with three different types of pod, which have characteristics suitable for different ways of vaping and a dual adjustable airflow allowing the vaper to switch between the MTL and DTL vaping styles. This flexibility means the Smok Nord pod is a superb option for any vaper, regardless of their preferred way of vaping.

Further Advancements in Design

The manufacturers at Smok have further advanced the design of their Nord range with the newest offering, which is the Nord X-pod. Using a similar format to its predecessors, it uses zinc alloys to produce a more durable device and combines all the latest vaping features. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Compatible the both the RPM and RPM2 pod, it offers any vaper premium performance no matter what type of vaping you prefer.

Other Pods to Choose From

As they sit at the peak of vaping technology, other Pod kits are also worthy of your consideration; well-regarded examples include Innokin’s Coolfire Z50, Voopoo’s Drag S Pro and Vaporesso’s Target PM80.

No matter what Vape pod you choose, I hope this information has gone some way to make you more informed about advanced vape devices.

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