Matt Davies Harmony Communities Looks at Strategies to Engage with Your Social Media Audience


According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities,  engaging with your audience through social media increases participation, teaches the audience, and social media users become key influencers for your brand. Social media has huge advantages for businesses looking to spread awareness for younger generations and for creating a community around your brand. Here are some useful strategies to help boost engagement and create buzz.

The Strategies

  1. A contest and giveaway- Contests and giveaways are easy to make and everyone loves to win free items. This way is perfect for attracting any age as long as you know what they are interested in winning. It takes time and consistency, but you gain a lot of new potential customers because of the sharing and tagging in your posts on social media. When people share something, it shows up for their followers. So, imagine having many people sharing your contest and/or giveaway.
  1. Start a challenge- People are competitive and want to challenge themselves. Get people to interact with you and others by creating a challenge that can easily be done by anyone. Push the challenge around and use your platform to spread and share the message. Have a reasoning and cause for the challenge e.g., ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that was to help promote awareness of the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.
  1. Add guest appearances- Invite guests that you know that your audience enjoys hearing from and get them to join in on the conversation. You could do livestreams on Facebook and Instagram or whatever social media platform that you use. Request that your guests plan a game or tell a story as well to keep it even more entertaining. To get a lot of people to watch your guest, you must promote that you will be having a guest and people from your audience will most likely look for the timing and mark it in their calendars.
  1. Quiz them- People love quick, simple, and cheesy quizzes to pass time. Use this leisure activity that people do to your advantage by getting them to complete your quiz. The followers will be more interested and enjoy their experience much more with some type of play and quiz for them to do. Get creative and be very simple with the quiz because you want them to be more stimulated, not bored.
  1. Tell an engaging story- Storytelling keeps people interested and craving the climax and resolution of the story. People get sucked into stories because it is either relatable, relates to fear, or touches them emotionally. Telling an engaging story keeps your followers aware that you are a real person and that they can trust you because you are not a robot or scam artist. Get people to comment and tag their friends in your post for more engagement and a better performance of your post. Involve people into your story and ask them if they can relate or tell their story too.


Matt Davies Harmony Communities concludes by saying that getting your audience involved takes effort and creativity but has a high reward in building relationships with your customers. There are a variety of ways to make people more involved and interested in your brand as long as you incorporate key tactics to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your clients.

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