Logistics of Traveling to Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Kentucky State or Florida; What Should You Bring?

The absolute most important thing to bring to rehab is the sincere desire to change and make the process of treatment work for you and your needs. In addition to that, you may want to bring the following items:

  • Medical Insurance Cards – If you have medical insurance, you will need to bring a copy of that card so that you can make sure your treatment facility has the information that is needed to prevent you have unnecessary charges
  • Government Drivers License or Passport – When traveling, you know that it is important to have identification. This is especially true if you are flying. You will want to make sure that you have a valid ID that is needed for your travel method. If you have an expired license, you will need to be sure that you renew it before you leave to treatment.
  • Medication that is prescribed properly and is necessary and legal –You will need to bring any medications that have been prescribed legally by a doctor that is needed for a current medical condition. We recommend that you bring at least 10 days’ worth of medication so that you have enough as you transition into treatment.
  • Your Mobile Device – You will need to use your phone to find your way around as you travel and communicate. Keep in mind that the level of care may determine if you can keep your phone while you’re in detox and the beginning of your recovery program. However, if you get to make any phone calls, the staff will be able to access information on your phone. With the staff having access to your phone, it will allow them to have the phone numbers and addresses to your doctors, family members, and anyone else that you want to have involved in your treatment plan.
  • Clothing – You will want to be sure to bring casual, comfortable clothing that are weather appropriate for the environment that you will be in. You will also want to be sure to bring exercise clothes. Be sure that you bring clothing that fits you well so that you can focus on your treatment.
  • Tennis shoes – Drug treatment programs usually always integrate physical activity into treatment plans. By bringing tennis shoes, your feet will be comfortable while you are on your road to recovery.
  • Personal Hygiene Items – These items include your hair products such as conditioner and shampoo along with lotion, body wash, sunscreen and deodorant. You cannot bring any items into a treatment facility that contain alcohol so be sure that you read all the labels on your products before packing them.

If you have any other questions about what to bring to your Florida or Kentucky state rehabilitation centers give our staff a call today at United Recovery.

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