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There are more than fifty-six million Americans who suffer from different types of joint pain. With more than three hundred joints in the human body, joint pain can occur in any of them. Adults over the age of forty complain more about joint pain in the knee and hips. However, proper diagnosis to understand the pain’s cause can help minimize or even stop the pain completely.

It is quite important to note that joint pain can worsen over time without treatment and can hamper the quality of the patient’s life. So, if you are suffering from any kind of joint pain, you can visit doctors for joint treatment in Georgia. Most often, adults depend on painkillers to avoid visiting the doctor. But it is crucial to the patient to know that painkillers are temporary masks that cover the root cause of the pain. Therefore in most cases, the pain can turn chronic and severe over time.

Treatment for Joint Pain

Before we delve into the treatment for joint pain, let’s understand what the possible causes of the same are. The most common joint pain can arise in elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists and hips. At the same time, its cause can be a simple fracture or other underlying conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, sprain, and even osteoporosis.

There are different kinds of joint treatment provided by specialists in Georgia. While some joint pain can subside over time, others require medical intervention.  Joint treatment Georgia has a wide range of services for treating chronic joint pain non – surgically.

  • Joint Therapy

Before invading surgically for treating joint pain, physical therapy is the first resort for bone-related problems. Most joint treatment Georgia starts with physical therapy along with hands-on manual therapy, soft tissue movements, spinal mobilizations and other therapeutic exercises. Therapy can take longer to heal.

  • Joint Injections

Another reliable non-surgical procedure for joint pain are joint injections. This treatment involves injecting a fluid into the knee joint to stimulate better movement and, in turn, reduce the pain in the joint. The treatment is followed by weeks of rehabilitation exercises that are gentle to the knee joints.

  • PRP Injections

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is a treatment widely used by specialists for joint pain. The liquid concentration from the patient’s blood is used to heal the joints faster and naturally. There are little to no side effects because of the usage of one’s blood for the treatment.

To Conclude –

There are a lot of options to choose for treating joint pain. While minor cases can be treated with therapy, others may require further medical intervention. Joint pain can also be intervened using surgical methods like knee replacement surgery. However, the safest option is to try medication, therapy and injections. The only drawback to the non-surgical methods is the time it can take to heal, while surgical methods offer immediate relief.

So, considering your case and the location of the joint pain, visit a doctor in Georgia, get an expert opinion and choose the options suitable for you wisely.

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