Jim McElwain Is Not The Naked Shark Man, And Neither Is Jimmy Johns

Despite a striking similarity, University of Florida head football coach Jim McElwain does not appear to be the bare-assed shark humper featured in a photo, that was taken 7 years ago and went viral around 5 years ago.

That individual has a striking resemblance to Florida head coach Jim McElwain, particularly with his teeth. This prompted Deadspin to inquire with a Florida spokeswoman about whether or not this was, in fact, Jim McElwain. It was not, according to the spokeswoman.

Before a booster club meeting, McElwain talked to the media and was confronted with the difficult question. Thanks to the investigative journalism of Edgar Thompson of The Orlando Sentinel, the media received a denial from the horse’s mouth.

The following is the transcript of the actual conversation:

“‘First and foremost, I have no idea who it is, but it isn’t me,’ said McElwain.

When Thompson followed up with a query about how anything like that ever becomes a story in today’s day, McElwain remained steadfast.

“‘I think you people will have to respond to it,’ he added. “What is a narrative in today’s world, anyway? It’s not me, I simply know it.”

This problem was over if you accepted McElwain’s word for it. If you’re a conspiracy theorist, though, you’ll be pleased to know that the person looks eerily similar to Jim McElwain.

But, sadly, McElwain was already on record as not being a fisherman, despite having a boat on his Montana property. Maybe you would have had something to go on if he had overcome his phobia and taken up the activity now that he is in Florida. It was evident, though, that it wasn’t him.

Even the Jimmy Johns Shark theory was a hoax, and his agents have disputed all accusations made on the web.

So far, McElwain and Jimmy John’s owner Jimmy John Liautaud have both rejected the charges. However, it now appears that a  man named Jim McSwiggan was the real person in the shameful image. Jim actually confessed in an interview that it was actually him posing naked over the dead shark in the photo taken 7 years ago.

Despite the fact that the whole event was viewed as a joke at the time, the man refused to come forward because he was afraid for his life.

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