How to Increase Follower Engagement With the Add Yours Instagram Story Sticker

As a Social Media Influencer, your mission is to enhance follower engagement in multiple ways to maintain your current followership while bringing new people to your page. One way to increase follower engagement on your Instagram profile is using the AddYours Instagram story sticker.

About half a billion browse through their Instagram stories daily. When someone finds a person with an Add Yours story post, seeing the “Add Yours” in blue can encourage them to add a picture of theirs related to the sticker’s prompt

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What is the Add Yours Instagram Story Sticker?

The add yours Instagram story sticker is an engagement tool that all social media influencers can use when creating an Instagram story. Add the digital sticker to a picture or a video on your Instagram story with a question or an action.

For example, an Add Yours sticker can say something like:

  • Drop a picture of you as a child.
  • What is your favorite (insert something related to your niche)?
  • Add something blue from your camera roll.
  • Add a picture of your pet here.
  • Post pictures of yourself from 2012 versus 2022.

How to Access the Add Yours Instagram Story Sticker

To access the AddYours Instagram story sticker, first, go to your stories by clicking on your profile icon. In the top left corner, click on the small blue plus sign that is next to your profile image and tag name. There, you will be prompted to add a picture.

Once you select your picture, go to the top right of the screen and find the smiley face inside of a square. These are where you can add stickers. Type in “add yours” and click on the corresponding sticker icon.

From there, you can type a desired prompt. Think about questions you want to ask your followers about your niche. You can also get creative and ask something personal such as your favorite color or favorite food to get to know your followers on a personal level.

How Many Times to Use the Add Yours Sticker Per Day

For every two segments of your Instagram stories, have a storyboard with an “add yours” sticker to enhance engagement with your followers. People like social media influencers that take the time to get to know their followers!

Add to Others’ Add Yours Instagram Story Stickers

You can start an “add yours” sticker yourself as explained above. Alternatively, you can bring new people to your page faster by putting in an answer to a trending “add yours” sticker prompt from another person’s Instagram story.

Find trending “add yours” Instagram story stickers by browsing your Instagram stories from those you follow or looking up some in the search bar of the social media platform. The @addyoursstickers is the official page to find new and trending “add yours” stickers. You will find some of the “add yours” stickers in Instagram reels on that page as well. Just note that some may not be available to use yet as they may still be undergoing testing. @astrida_03 has all the saved “add yours” Instagram story stickers that are ready to use.

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