How to Identify Which Car Insurance Policy Is Best to Purchase During Rainy Season

A comprehensive insurance policy is the best insurance policy to make your car monsoon-ready. Still, different add-on covers need to be added to the plan to give your car complete safety. Let’s check the best car insurance policy and other add-on covers to help you during the rainy season.

Monsoons are the most awaited season in India as it acts as a respite to the scorching heat of the summer. However, it comes as a challenge to most car owners who have to drive through the flooded roads with potholes every day. Every year during the monsoon, insurance companies receive several claims.

Generally, the standard car insurance policies do not cover any risks that may arise due to monsoon. If any vehicle having a standard car insurance policy claims damages caused due to rain, then such claims would be rejected by the insurance companies. Thus, it is imperative to carefully choose the car insurance policy to compensate for monsoon-related damages.

Basic car insurance policies cover all the damages that occurred due to natural calamities or man-made destructions, including theft and car loss. Having an add-on cover such as engine protect cover, roadside assistance cover, and other consumable covers would help safeguard your vehicle during monsoons. 

Having Engine Protection Cover:

As basic insurance doesn’t cover damages to the engine, an engine protection add-on cover becomes a must. In monsoons, engines are the most affected for reasons such as flooding or water entering the engine. However, such a policy would help protect the engine from damages caused due to water entering the engine or a tree falling over it. 

Roadside Assistance Cover:

Emergencies may arise anytime during the monsoons; in such a case, a roadside assistance cover would help get facilities such as towing or arranging a mechanic. Roadside assistance cover helps in emergencies like arranging an alternative vehicle, providing accommodation, jumpstart, or changing flat tyres. The expenses could be quite expensive, but with the roadside assistance cover, you can reduce the costs to just a few hundred Rupees.  

Hydrostatic Lock Cover:

Same as engine protection cover, this cover also protects the engine and the electric circuits. Unlike the engine protection cover, this cover protects the engine only if it suffers damage due to hydrostatic locks.  

Consumable covers

Expenses incurred on car repairs, repairing brakes, or changing engine oil or upgrading the nuts and bolts are claimable only if you have consumables cover. The damages caused due to these losses aren’t covered in any insurance. Investing a modest amount in consumables cover helps to recover the expenses done on such damages. 

NCB protector cover

In case you have accumulated a good amount of NCB, but due to monsoons, you may have to use it up. You may have a feeling of whether to give away the accumulated NCB bonus or spend on the damages without making a claim. With an NCB protector cover, you can easily make a claim and keep your accumulated bonus safe.

These add-on covers may increase the premium by some percent, but they are a huge respite during monsoons. If you happen to stay in a place that gets flooded often during monsoons, it is necessary to get one to protect your vehicle. Combining these add-ons would help you buy the best car insurance policy for your car.

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