How to End Stuttering

It can be devastating for one to know what they want to say but cannot elaborately say it. Stuttering is such a condition which makes it challenging to construct words or syllables during a speech appropriately. One may get stuck while trying to pronounce a word or find him/herself repeating the same words severally. Many times this condition worsens with anxiety and may make someone feel inferior among their peers. This may cause someone to shy off from public events and other social places and demean one’s freedom of speech.

Stuttering may be prevalent among kids, but the fact is it affects people of all sorts of ages. However, a lesser percentage of adults live with this problem, and often a majority of them failed to outgrow it while young. About 75% of children who face stuttering issues outgrow it while getting to their adult stages; this happens naturally without seeking medical attention. Can stuttering be cured? The truth is, even for the adults who find it challenging to construct an elaborate statement can do away with stuttering if they are determined. So yes, it is possible to be free from stuttering issues ultimately. However, there are several things a stutter needs to consider to improve their speech. This post addresses some of them.

The Art of Practice

One emphasized aspect of perfection for decades is practice. Famously, the more one practices an art or any other thing, the more they become perfect. This is not different when it comes to stuttering. Many people who face this issue shy away from talking to people or engaging in any activity requiring them to talk. As such, they find themselves having this issue for more than intended. To practice, one can invite a friend or a family member they are comfortable with for a verbal chat. Also, one could join a social group with other people who stutter to learn how they cope and work for them. Practicing makes one feel more at ease about themselves and how they sound.

Slow Down

This remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to do away with stuttering. Often many stutters rush to complete their thoughts hence halting the eventual words. It is crucial to make it a habit of taking a deep breath and speaking slowly to control the stuttering. Can a stutter be cured using this method? Yes, the more you engage in slow conversation, the more the stuttering disappears.

Use Technology

Other people have found help with some specialized speech monitor devices to cure their stuttering completely. How is this so? These devices get developed to use altered frequency and delayed feedback to help the user speak more effortlessly. Much like what those with hearing impairment use, this device gets attached to the stutter’s ear. However, information is not clear about the extent to which this device can help someone speak with stuttering. One most significant limitation of this technique is that these devices are costly, and many may not afford it. Their prices often range from $2,000 to $ 5,000.

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