COVID 19 has changed the world as we knew it. We are now all trying to protect ourselves from getting infected, staying in as much as we can and maintaining social distancing when stepping out. Though times are uncertain, it has become a pressing need to feel good about ourselves. If you’ve been unhappy with the way you look and been considering about getting a Tummy Tuck Toronto, then this is the best time to look into it. Following are some steps to help you begin planning your tummy tuck procedure.

Initial Consultation

 Getting a consultation at the very beginning of the planning step is helpful as it is the best way to get information. During the consultation, you will be educated and fully informed about what to expect from the procedure, which in turn will put you in a better position to decide whether the procedure is right for you or not. However, it is not such a good idea to blindly go into your consultation you should have an idea about what it is that you are looking for and why do you want to opt for the procedure and what are your expectations. It will help you to know whether the goals are indeed realistic or not.

Are you the perfect candidate for the procedure?

During your consultation with the surgeon, it will be determined whether you are a viable candidate for the procedure. You will be asked to discuss your medical history and the medications that you are on.

Weight Loss

Have you lost a significant amount of weight lately and want to drop some more? Then it is a better idea to weight for at least 6 months for your weight to become stable before you get the procedure done.

Avoiding strenuous activities

After having undergone a tummy tuck you will be asked to avoid any kind of strenuous activities at least for the first few weeks. Hence, it is a great idea to plan ahead. Get a support system in place which can help you with running the errands as well as childcare or pet-related chores. Though you won’t be completely bedridden you need to take proper rest and recuperate. During this time it is crucial that you avoid any activities which could place any strains on the incisions. The downtime is usually determined by the extent of your treatment.

Book your appointment now

Dr Golger and Dr Romy are some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons. They will provide you with the necessary expertise during the consultation. Not only will they discuss what the tummy tuck can do for you but they will also suggest alternative options which will help you to achieve the same aesthetic goals. During your consultation with them, they will discuss what to expect from the procedure and some of the common side effects and potential risks, so that you make an informed decision.

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