How to ACE the GMAT Syllabus for 2022

The first tip to ace your GMAT syllabus 2022 is to learn about the pattern and the structure of the GMAT exam. Check out the GMAT Syllabus details regarding the structure of the GMAT exam.

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test which is a standardized test that includes MCQ, computer adaptive and computer based questions. GMAT exam is one of the major requirements for getting admission in the top business schools offering MBA program. Apart from your educational qualification and work experience excellent GMAT score is also required by the Business schools. The four-section exam checks your knowledge of algebra, geometry, fundamental arithmetic, multi-source data processing, and grammar. There are four components in the GMAT syllabus 2022. The GMAT syllabus 2022 is divided into four sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

GMAT Eligibility

GMAT eligibility for 2022 is mentioned below:

Age Limit: A candidate who is 18 or above can appear for GMAT, However candidates between the age of 13 and 17 would require a written permission from their parents or guardian for appearing in the exam.

Educational Qualification: GMAC has not issued an official comment on the minimum educational requirements for applicants. Although, if you want to enroll in any MBA program you must hold a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized university.

Number of Attempts: Candidates can take the GMAT as many times as they want. However, the total number of attempts in a calendar year cannot be more than five times. Furthermore, there should be at least 16 days gap between the 2 attempts. In addition, once a candidate receives 800 in the exam, he or she must wait five years to retake it.

Re-application for the Test: Candidates who did not fare well on the GMAT can take the exam again. The GMAT score is valid for five years, and candidates who have not enrolled in a graduate program during that time can reappear for the exam.

Tips to ace GMAT syllabus 2022

Learn the Correct Exam Pattern for GMAT

The first tip to ace your GMAT syllabus 2022 is to learn about the pattern and the structure of GMAT exam. Following is the details regarding the structure of GMAT exam:

Analytical Writing Assessment: assesses your critical thinking skills and presents your thoughts.

Integrated Reasoning: examines how you analyze facts and interpret information presented in various formats.

Quant section: Evaluates your mathematical reasoning abilities, problem solving skills and analyzing graphic data skills.

Verbal section: This section examines and assesses your reading and comprehension abilities, editing talents, and ability to express you clearly in writing.

Find Out your Weakness and Overcome Them

Be aware of your weak points while preparing for GMAT. Consuming too much time on a single weakness can become a more serious mistake because a person usually forgets GMAT knowledge quickly and easily. Setting a basic level for preparing questions from each category to solve each day is a fantastic strategy to avoid such mistake. Add more questions from the section where you need to brush up your knowledge and keep the time in mind as well. And that’s how you’ll be able to conquer your flaws without losing your focus on the rest of the syllabus.

Don’t get overwhelmed

Don’t be scared by the quantity of study materials available. Go one by one. Try tackling one subject at a time. Done waste your time in finding too many ways of solving one problem Stick to one method and master it thoroughly. Stick to one source of study material at a time and stay focused.

Try To beat The GMAT Score That You Targeted Initially

Always remember that you are your own opponent. Always begin your preparation with the goal of getting a higher score than what is required. Even if a score of 500-600 on the GMAT is not required for getting admission to a specific business school, it’s better to target more than what is required so that you find it easy to obtain your target score.

You should aim for a score that is at least 50 points higher than the minimum requirement. Aspirants can expect to receive 30 points on average, depending on their mental and physical state on the day of the exam.

Create a Study Plan and make A Learning Diary

Business school applications have several elements to learn and the last thing anyone wants to do while preparing for the GMAT on a tight schedule is to mix these elements. To avoid this unnecessary stress, you should plan on studying and attempting practice GMAT question paper for six months to a year before the exams.

While preparing for GMAT you should maintain a strict schedule and time should be spent wisely by following the study plan. Talk to your graduate school alumni and students about your GMAT study plan and consult with them. They were in your position and can offer you a good advice on where to begin and how to succeed. Also, be aware of the type of program you are applying for and focus your efforts accordingly.

You will come across a number of concepts while preparing for the GMAT exam. Maintaining a learning diary can be a good idea for reducing and improving your blank areas. It will help a student in tracking down any unknown prep question that took an excessive amount of time to solve. You can note down your weakness and work on weakness if you follow this routine.

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