How to ace Accountancy with flying colours using NCERT

    What is the NCERTs Role?

 NCERT is known as The National Council of Educational Research and Training, basically a government-run action in India. NCERT is expanding and delivering textbooks to students at both levels such as basic and secondary. These NCERT books, particularly the NCERT solutions for class 10, are quite valuable. Math is one of the best study resources for board exams, and pupils who use it can achieve excellent results.

How to take the benefits of NCERT Books to ace 11 class Accountancy with flying colours? 

It is believed that NCERT books of accountancy are all-inclusive and practical in their scope and that the CBSE will rarely offer questions that go beyond these texts. Students should read and study without skipping any topics from these books. There is no harm in studying from other published books, but students should be more than 100 per cent certain that they have covered every single line from NCERT textbooks. Students should thoroughly read and understand the NCERT books before turning to other books.

Benefits of choosing NCERT Accountancy books in class 11 and acing your exam

The language used in NCERT textbooks is simpler than in other published publications.

Class 11 Accountancy NCERT Books PDF, which is recommended by the CBSE Board, are beautifully written and published in a very easy and effective manner. This makes it more straightforward for all students to comprehend the courses and topics addressed. Other published texts frequently confuse students with a plethora of examples and binary meaning languages. As a result, students should favour NCERT textbooks over other books.

  1. Get a thorough knowledge of difficult ideas from these books.

The NCERT books are intended for students of all ages and classes. Regardless of their degree of intelligence or comprehension. NCERT textbooks are intended to clarify and polish students’ doubts and subjects, as well as provide them with a firm comprehension of challenging themes and subjects in accounting.

It covers all of the fundamentals of each topic to help students understand the concepts quickly and easily.

  1. The majority of questions are drawn from NCERT texts.

The majority of the questions are drawn from the NCERT texts. Furthermore, each chapter includes some solved example problems for each important topic. According to previous year question papers, CBSE provides a significant amount of direct questions from both solved examples and exercise problems. If you want to do well on the exam, don’t forget to practice these questions.

Students should refer to NCERT texts and go over their curriculum thoroughly. Students should read and study these texts attentively and thoroughly because nothing beyond these books is expected.

  1. NCERT books completely clear your concepts and doubts.

According to the CBSE Board, the best strategy to prepare for the CBSE Board exams is to first go through NCERT textbooks line by line. This will accommodate to define the concepts.

Students should make additional notes in addition to studying with NCERT texts. Important points should be put down so that they can be easily revised. These books not only cover the entire CBSE curriculum but also help you to strengthen your fundamental knowledge in each subject. Nothing can stop you from answering questions of any difficulty level during the exam once you have mastered your fundamental knowledge.

  1. NCERT books are the best strategy to improve your CBSE board exam scores.

As 11 class is the base for class 12 these NCERT textbooks are prescribed by the CBSE Board, the questions for the exams are drawn solely from them.

NCERT textbooks contain a wide range of topics and are thus sufficient for any student to achieve a high percentage in exams. Students only need to practice and answer all of the back questions from the NCERT textbooks.

  1. CBSE Recommends NCERT Textbooks.

CBSE has always prescribed the NCERT books, and they have even asked private schools not to refer students to any other books that are a total waste of time and a burden on the student’s life. They declared and meant that NCERT books alone are satisfactory to attain good grades in exams; there is no requirement to push your limits and study from other books to meet the same syllabus.

  1. It is sufficient to help you achieve the highest possible percentage on your exams.

No matter how hard you study, getting the best grades appears to be a difficult task for every CBSE student. The only easy rule for acing the examination is to thoroughly study the NCERT recommended by the board. Its simple and concise language will assist you in clarifying your doubts and applying them in the exam. That is how you can stand out from the crowd and achieve the highest possible score on the CBSE exam.

  1. It supports revision.

No matter how hard you work to prepare for the exams, you must revise and practice enough to remember everything you studied. While revising, you should answer all of the questions in the exercise that follows each chapter. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be an expert at answering any question on the exam. Students should also prepare to write these questions in a similar language as the NCERT textbooks.

  1. Provide a large number of example problems and practice problems to solve. 

The best part about NCERT books is that they include a good number of solved and unsolved problems and questions at the end of each chapter. For such unanswered questions, NCERT solutions are also available. The questions in each chapter are designed in such a way that they will help you clear all of your concepts as you attempt these questions. In the board exams, CBSE frequently asks the same pattern of questions.


It is not a bad idea to use additional textbooks or reference materials. NCERT Accountancy books should be the first choice when studying for CBSE. NCERT books will assist students in

achieving remarkable results in their exams. NCERT books are the greatest way to study for exams since they help students understand complex topics fast and effortlessly.

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