How Social Media App Yubo Connects Gen Z Through Authentic Friendships

Social media is an integral part of daily life for Generation Z. As digital natives, Gen Z relies on social apps to express themselves, explore identities, and make connections. Yubo, a live social discovery app created in 2015, has become a favorite among Gen Z users looking to make genuine friendships online.

With over 22,000 users across 140 countries, Yubo allows teens to meet new people and join live streams anytime. The app prioritizes genuine connections over likes and followers. Without social approval metrics, users can focus on building authentic relationships.

According to social researcher Claire Madden, there is a slight separation between the online and offline worlds for Gen Z. Constant social media use has blurred the boundaries. Many Gen Z users find it easier to communicate through apps than face-to-face. Frequent online interactions help them forge connections.

Social apps like Yubo shape Gen Z’s identities. The steady stream of content influences their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. However, Yubo eliminates the pressure to perform. Without followers or likes, users can represent their true selves. The app encourages authenticity by enabling users to showcase hobbies and interests on their profiles.

Yubo aims to replicate the best aspects of in-person interactions online. Cofounders Sacha Lazimi, Jérémie Aouate, and Arthur Patora designed the platform to prioritize people over content. There are no delays in messaging or posting. Users can instantly connect with others live on the app.

Safety is also a priority. Yubo focuses on prevention, detection, and moderation to ensure positive experiences. The company values work-life balance and equal treatment of employees. Former employee Marie Tran praised Yubo’s recognition of performance regardless of gender.

Overall, Yubo empowers Gen Z to form meaningful relationships online. The app lets users show their authentic selves in a world where social media shapes and reflects identity. Unfiltered by metrics, Gen Z can make real connections based on shared interests rather than appearances.

Yubo’s founders aimed to digitally recreate the fluid, spontaneous nature of face-to-face conversations. The live platform delivers authentic human connection for Gen Z users seeking more genuine social media experiences.

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