How Podiatrists Treat Diabetic Ulcers?

According to recent research conducted on the diabetic patients’ feet can show the symptoms of diabetes. Many people ignore the problems related to their feet, but this is where they go wrong. Whether it is a small problem or a serious problem, you must contact a podiatrist immediately. Podiatrists provides you the right advice to bring back your condition to normal.

What are the warning signs of diabetes?

Some of the warning signs of diabetes which may show up on your feet include

  • Changes in the color of your skin
  • Frequent swelling in your ankle or foot
  • Ankle and Leg pain
  • Numbness in your foot
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Blisters
  • Bunions
  • Bleeding Corns
  • Cracks
  • Extreme Dryness
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers or open sores

If you are looking for a good foot and ankle specialist Orange County then check the website Dr Sima Soltani. Podiatrists are experts in treating the problems related to foot. Hence, it is better to contact them to find a solution to problems like open sores. Seek medical attention as soon as you discover an ulcer. Diabetic patients should have their ulcers treated to reduce the risk of infection. This also helps them to improve their overall life.

For finding good wound care Orange County podiatrists, you can also take the help of patient reviews online. How podiatrists treat ulcers? Take a quick look below to find an answer to your question.

  • If you are infected with ulcer then most of the podiatrists will first recommend antibiotic ointment for you. If the infection is severe then your foot doctor may recommend antibiotics to you to take orally.
  • Once your foot doctor is done with treating the infection, he or she will dress and wrap the ulcer wound. Your doctor will apply a dressing which aids in your wound healing. The sort of dressing utilized will be determined by the patient’s individual circumstances. Examples of dressing used include hydrocolloids, hydrogels, composite dressings, moist dressings, debriding agents etc.
  • You must then visit your foot specialists for regular check-ups.  Besides, it is during the regular check-ups your doctor changes the ulcer bandage whenever it is required. If the condition of your ulcer is worse, you may have to visit your doctor very frequently for check-up.
  • Most of the patients generally experience some pain when changing the dressing, which is why your foot specialist may recommend some pain medication for you. The type of medication which they recommend generally depends on your medical history and treatment type.
  • Most of the people recover with the treatment provided by the podiatrists. But very rarely, there would be a necessity for surgery. Podiatrists will recommend surgery only when there is an emergency situation.

As there are so many podiatrists in Orange County, take the help of the sites online for finding good podiatrists. Type ‘Orange County wound care’ online and you will see so many results for it. Now it’s time to check their ratings and then make a decision.

Schedule an appointment with a good foot specialist immediately to get rid of diabetic ulcers!

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