Handy Discusses How Custom Boxes and Packaging Services Can Help Your Business


According to Handy, businesses can utilize custom boxes and packaging to improve customer engagement, increase brand awareness, and enjoy many other additional benefits. Thus, it’s important to leverage customized industrial packaging as soon as possible to get an edge over the competition.

The Benefits

Here are a few benefits of using custom boxes and packaging services for your business:

  1. More room for technical data – Traditional packaging companies would only include standard packaging information. However, an advantage of using a printing company is that you can include additional details such as the product model, quantity, size, expiry date, and other relevant shipping details.

Plus, you can include important symbols, print bar codes, and product codes that indicate that the package should be handled with care and include delicate items. This can save you from unintended losses and save you a lot of money if you ship breakable items.

  1. Better branding – Custom boxes and packaging allow you to include your branding details such as logos, mascot, taglines, and more. Attractive packaging with eye-catching colors can lead to better brand recognition, brand awareness, and brand recall.

Plus, designing custom-fit packages can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packaging as well and sets you apart from the rest of the competition that uses the same standard brown packaging for all products in the same category.

  1. It reduces financial burden – Since custom packaging allows you to select the appropriate dimensions and product packaging specifications, it also enables you to save money with proper planning. You can lose money if you opt for standard packaging that doesn’t meet the product specifications or dimensions appropriately since any wasted space is wasted money and if a package doesn’t meet the product specifications it can run the risk of damaging the product during shipping.

Thus, with a little planning, using custom packaging and boxes can help you to increase the profit margin of your business and reduce the risk of shipping accidents which will further help to reduce your financial burden.

  1. It can help boost sales – Every marketer knows that the product packaging can be used as a potent tool for upselling or cross-selling more products. Unlike standard product packaging, you can include re-order information such as a website link or phone number or even discount codes that reward customers that order again. The free real estate for advertising can become an effective promotional tool when combined with aesthetic design and attractive colors. You can even include the number of customer services or inquiry-related details to make it easier to address the grievances of your customer.


Handy suggests you opt for custom packaging to enjoy the plethora of benefits listed above. An amazing advantage of using custom packaging is that you can make them eco-friendly to create a high degree of trust among your customers and help protect the environment as well. Plus, it can allow you to save more money in the long term if the printing company utilizes recycled materials for the product packaging.

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