Giving Your Old Rolex A New Look

Each Rolex owner is proud of their prized possession. Even though you may love the look of your beloved Rolex, sometimes changing the appearance may also be fun. In a time when personalization and uniqueness are the defining factors of fashion, the timeless classic can be spruced up to add some character and charm to it with the use of Rubber Bands.

You may wonder, why would you want to buy a Rubber Band for your Rolex?

There are multiple reasons as to why one would like to use a rubber band with their Rolex:


Being able to change the straps on your Rolex allows you to mix and match the colors and textures and personalize them to each specific look. It ensures that your classic Rolex never looks dull. Brands like Everest Bands have multiple options in terms of colors and textures to choose from; these are adaptable from a sporty look to a more classic black tie event look, all while adding a custom flair to it.

Scratching and Durability

Most accessories worn by a person will eventually show wear and tear. Since watches are worn on a body part that is in constant movement and comes in contact with other surfaces, the straps and the clasp especially may end up showing much more scratches than other accessories. If this bothers you, a rubber strap may be the perfect solution. It will add a stylish design feature, as well as avoid scratches and keep the look fresh at all times.

If your Rolex is designed for extreme situations like diving deep underwater like the Rolex Submariner ceramic, it makes sense to accentuate your Rolex rubber band. These bands have the ability to withstand extreme conditions from very high to very low temperatures, and most wear and tear.


As mentioned above, the Rolex can be utilized in a variety of ways; hence it is crucial for the watch to be comfortable. Steel bands can look good and provide some level of comfort; however, as they are rigid in structure, they can be obtrusive. A Rolex rubber band has the capacity to mold and move with the wrist of the user, thus making it immensely more comfortable without compromising style.

When choosing a Rubber band for your Rolex, it is vital to ensure that the bands live up to the quality of the prestigious watch itself.

Here is where the Everest bands come in. They are robustly built and designed in Switzerland. Combining the Swiss magic of making pristine watches, these bands are also designed with the utmost detail to attention.

Only the highest quality vulcanized Swiss rubber is used within their production. They are manufactured to be Ultraviolet Light, water, chemical, and dust resistant. These characteristics not only ensure that these bands last longer but also add to their look and help maintain their shine over time.

Furthermore, each band is built to be able to fit your Rolex Submariner ceramic perfectly. The edges are curved and fit within the case of the Submariner perfectly, creating the illusion that it is made for rubber straps. The standard length for these straps is 80 mm x 120 mm. Unlike metal straps, there is virtually no need to remove links and adjust the size to individual wrists as each strap is adjustable in size.

These versatile rubber bands are an ingenious alternative to the change up the look of your classic Rolex.

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