Garage Door Maintenance Guide

Most homeowners neglect to pay much of any regard to the health of their garage door, usually only taking notice once it’s too late, and the only options are replacement or costly repair. If you do find yourself with a heavily damaged garage door, you might find yourself searching all over for residential garage door repair in Frisco Texas, and paying large amounts of money for repairs. Save yourself hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars by following this garage door maintenance guide.

Regarding garage door maintenance, there are two different types of maintenance: professional maintenance, and homeowner maintenance. In this guide, we’ll be focusing primarily on homeowner maintenance. You should have your garage door professionally maintenance at least once every 2 years.

As a homeowner, you should always be listening to your garage door. This is a massive step, but also a very necessary one. Identifying issues as they arise is important to ensure one damaged component doesn’t lead to further internal damage of the garage door system. If you do notice you have your garage door making an unusual sound, don’t immediately panic. Take a can of RP7 or WD-40 and lubricate the bearings and springs of the garage door. Do NOT lubricate the tracks of the door. It is extremely important that the tracks remain clear of oil and lubricants, as well as other debris. If the tracks are too slick and lubricated, the door may slide off the tracks while it’s in motion.

Another simple thing you can do to keep your garage door functioning well is keeping the exterior panels clean, and free of dust or dirt. Not only will this make the door simply looking better, but it will also prevent a layer of dirt and grime from building up inside the hinges, and causing potential damage to the tracks of the door or the motor itself. Washing the door can be as simple as mixing soap with water, scrubbing all of the visible exteriors, and then hosing it off, or could include using a specific garage door polish to make your garage door pop and keep it even cleaner longer after each wash.

However, as aforementioned, some maintenance of your garage door can only be safely performed by a professional technician. If you have trouble finding a professional technician, simply search online residential garage door repair Frisco Texas or similar term to match your area. Some of the maintenance tasks that would require a professional technician include

–           Re-tensioning the opener spring,

–           Tightening the opener chain,

–           Examining the motor drive gear,

–           Tweaking the force setting of the electric motor

These tasks can be very complicated to understand as a non-professional. Attempting to perform these tasks on your own can be damaging to the health of your garage door, and even could be dangerous to the attempting homeowner. Therefore, it’s important to hire an insured professional to perform complex garage door maintenance tasks, as all the risk is removed from your end and you can relax knowing everything is being handled properly.

If you are a business owner, and you happen to have a commercial garage door, it’s highly recommended to have your garage door professionally serviced annually. Since you’ll be having professional maintenance performed so frequently, it’s often not recommended to perform any in-house maintenance on commercial systems as since they are larger and heavier, they can be riskier and more hazardous to try and attempt repairs on.

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