Face Recognition In Casinos

When entering a Las Vegas casino you have to pass facial recognition in front of security cameras, apart from the basic control of clothing and carrying weapons. The system creates a user identification token to guarantee security within the casino.

Facial recognition is seen as a system to ensure greater security and to protect minors and gambling addicts. Some of the largest casinos in the world, like the Paradiso Room, as well as multinational companies and banks, implement facial recognition systems in their premises at the entrances of their facilities.

Preventing fraud

The increase in Internet fraud and the lack of a secure identification system after the verification process has led to the introduction of stricter control in the gaming sector. Many countries or states have proposed implementing a facial recognition system in physical casinos and online casinos to “protect citizens against addiction to gambling”.

After registering in an online casino, the user must send their personal data, identity document and bank certificates. All documentation is verified by the casino. However, no online casino guarantees that once the user registers, it is the same user or person who always accesses.

Facial recognition in online casinos

Installing the facial recognition system in an online casino is the goal of regulatory organizations for the next few years. It will require an investment of millions of dollars for facial verification systems, including both the recognition of the facial image and its comparison with an identity document, custody, protection, storage and encryption of personal data as well as customer service and support in the use of the systems.

Online casinos will be forced to include a security measure such as biometric verification of the face. Its installation on the casino website does not affect the user experience and does not require the download of additional software. The user can be identified in less time and more efficiently without having to wait for the verification of their documents.

Benefits of Facial Recognition

  • Minimizes the work of a physiognomist, saves identification time at the entrance and inside the establishment.
  • Customers appreciate the innovative new generation biometric system that does not require direct contact with people.
  • Provides more convenience when it comes to identification and more security once inside the casino.
  • Prevents access to gambling by people who are self-excluded or registered in the prohibited registry, people with convictions for crimes related to gambling, scams or forgery, and also minors.
  • Authorities hope to minimize cases of money laundering and petty crime.

What is the purpose of facial recognition?

Face recognition is intended to prevent access to the casino by people registered on the self-exclusion list and minors. The video system guarantees a high level of surveillance and security control within the casino.

The real objective of the customer identification system by their face is to track their behaviour within the casino. Before implementing video surveillance, these functions have been performed by a physiognomist, the person who analyzes people’s behaviour by their mimicry and gestures.

This can be useful in preventing fraud by customers who, or identifying VIP clients who play big and deserve incentives or other bonuses.

What does it all mean for players? 

When entering a casino with a facial recognition system, players will feel more protected and more secure. On the other hand, players need to understand that their every move will be logged and tracked by the casino administration.

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