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A good GMAT score is a must for landing a seat in the world’s leading MBA programs. The anxiety around the GMAT has led to the publication of countless prep tools, each boasting of guaranteed success. Obviously, not all of these can be trusted. The effort and time that goes into GMAT prep means that a choice must be thoughtfully made. Enter, Experts’ Global. Started by 99th percentiler Mr. Mayank Srivastava in 2008, this Edu-Tech firm has built a name for itself as a trustworthy option in the sector. Its testimonials and results speak for itself, as does its in-depth GMAT prep program.

Designed like the GMAT

Experts’ Global’s GMAT Prep is designed to imitate the structures and question formats of the GMAT as closely as possible. The company has framed 4000+ practice questions, all of which are structured as per the GMAT. Further, the Experts’ Global GMAT Prep interface is also GMAT-like. The mock testing screen also has the same full-screen layout, controls and graphics as the GMAT. This attention to detail and feel is a difference-maker, as it helps students prepare for and familiarize themselves with the GMAT set-up well in time. Another aspect that Experts’ Global prepares its students for is the GMAT scoring. An algorithm has been developed for mock tests, which by the testimony of 500+ of the firm’s students, consistently yields very similar scores to students’ actual GMAT Prep scores.

Systematic Mock Testing

As part of its GMAT Prep program, Experts’ Global provides 15 full-length GMAT mock tests, which students are expected to intersperse regularly with their study. This mock test-focused approach emphasizes building of mental stamina and regularity in concept revision. Additionally, the mock tests encourage students to identify test-taking strategies that suit them best. One can take a free GMAT practice test.

Learning through Video Lectures
Interactive video lectures, as opposed to plain textual resources, form the core of Experts’ Global’s GMAT instruction. The way this has been planned is that the entire GMAT syllabus has been divided into 100 discrete modules, with each module covering a single subject having its own explanation video. The aim here is to simplify GMAT prep without compromising on detail and clarity of concept. This is taken one step further by providing explanation videos for each practice and mock test question as well. A concise and direct method of solving the questions is provided, encouraging speed and accuracy in learners.

Performance Analysis
Experts’ Global’s mock tests contain performance analytics that go beyond just providing an overall score. Students are informed of their section-wise and cross-test numbers, along with the speed with which they are attempting different question types. The analytics also put together a composite picture of student performance across their recent mocks. All this data goes towards identifying areas for improvement and developing strategies for test-taking. The analytics can provide an extra edge to one’s GMAT prep and might just be the factor that makes a difference in results.

Additional Utilities
Experts’ Global’s prep program also comes with smaller, smart features that assist GMAT aspirants. Among these is the “sticky notes” feature, the digital counterpart of the small, colored notes we all love and use. The bonus with the digital format is that the notes on different sections and questions can be “pasted” onto a common “wall” from where the student can then access and navigate between all their notes with ease. Similarly, the “flag button” feature can be used by students to mark important questions for later revision. The software can then pull up these flagged questions on-demand, saving students the trouble of sifting through material for that one elusive question. The value of these small features to one’s overall prep cannot be underestimated, as it brings a degree of method, efficiency, and timeliness to the prep process.

For the dedicated GMAT aspirant, Experts’ Global’s large question bank, comprehensive concept coverage, and data-driven approach to GMAT online preparation are sure to yield a great result.

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