Expert Jeff Hinkle offers three tips for a perfect lawn.

Mow Carrollton owner Jeff Hinkle provides a trio of expert tips for a perfect lawn in 2021 and beyond.

Jeff Hinkle says that there are a few things that add more to the outside appearance of a property than a beautiful lawn. As the proud owner of northern Texas-based Mow Carrollton, Jeff is a seasoned lawn care expert. With years of hands-on experience, here, Hinkle offers a closer look at three pieces of advice tailored toward ensuring a healthy, lush lawn for many years to come.

“Regular care is essential if a lawn is to continue to look its best,” explains local lawn care business owner Jeff, speaking from his office in Carrollton, Texas. Over the course of almost two decades in the lawn care business, Mow Carrollton owner Hinkle has seen it all.

Jeff Hinkle says that with that, the entrepreneur believes that just three crucial tips can be all it takes to keep a lawn looking perfect. Getting straight down to business, Hinkle’s first tip surrounds the removal of moss, weeds, and dead or otherwise dry grass. “All through the year, it’s important to remain on top of the removal of troublesome moss and weeds,” says the expert.

The Howard Garrett method of lawn care is recommended by many lawn care specialist.  He advocates watering your lawn at longer intervals, less frequently.  This will help establish deeper roots systems, making a healthier, stronger lawn.

Mowing your lawn more often, i.e. weekly, as opposed to biweekly or monthly, helps your lawn establish a healthier life cycle. In addition,  mulching as you mow, instead of bagging, adds nutrients to your lawn, Jeff Hinkle explains.

Drainage, aeration, and irrigation are vital for a perfect lawn, says Jeff Hinkle

Moving on, Hinkle’s second piece of advice involves drainage and aeration. “Where a garden is lacking proper drainage, any lawn will eventually become waterlogged and, as a result, devoid of the various nutrients needed for strong growth,” he explains.

According to Jeff Hinkle, addressing drainage issues can be as straightforward as simply diverting rainfall away from a lawn. “Meanwhile, to tackle all-important lawn aeration, often all that’s needed is a basic garden fork,” he adds, “used to punch holes into the soil beneath.”

Finally, Hinkle turns to the third of his trio of tips for the perfect lawn. “Proper irrigation is one of the best ways to ensure a perfect lawn year-round,” says the Mow Carrollton boss. Accordingly, the expert recommends integrating an irrigation system into lawns and more expansive landscaping wherever possible.

“An expertly installed irrigation system often represents the number one investment that homeowners can make in maintaining a beautiful garden across the board,” Jeff Hinkle adds, concluding his trio of expert tips for a perfect lawn in 2021 and beyond, “both today and for many years to come.”

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