Everything about Sunny Flea Market in Houston.


Way up in North Houston, if you stay on Interstate 45 past Canino Produce, extra 15 minutes or so, and crawl up Airline drive, you will discover a large, dusty parking lot lined up to a nearly brand-new red and gold Asian theme park—at least that is what we head saw. Then we saw the sign for what we were looking for next door: Sunny Flea Market in Houston.

Sunny Flea Market is reportedly one of the biggest open-air markets in the country. Its website sits on a 35-acre campus that hosts more than 50,000 visitors a week. At least one Yelp report notes that this sprawling flea market gets full afternoon, though based on the empty state of the long aisles offering everything from discounted jewellery and shoes to rejiggered electronics, plants, birds and makeup on a Saturday around 11 a.m., it seemed as though the market’s heyday strength be a thing of the past.

Still, the eating does not get any bigger or cheaper once you fall across the food vendors sprayed throughout the market (make sure to bring cash!).

Let us see everything about Sunny Flea Market Houston so that when you will visit the market, you should know what is there.

Vendors and Visitor Info

With more than 1,000 vendors, Sunny Flea Market in Houston is one of the biggest open-air flea markets in Texas. Its difference of things to shop for drags about 50,000 visitors a week, building something of a Houston tradition over time. Join the groups as you walk from one vendor to the next, a trip on which you will see ancient furniture, characteristic clothing, shoes, health and beauty products, and a store trove of other surprises. Need any fresh produce? Buy local at the plethora of farmer’s demands. If that sparks your desire, visit one of the many foods serving up savoury American, Asian, and Mexican fare.

Address and timing of the sunny flea market.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, and Sunny Flea Market is a heaven for bargain shoppers and anyone attending something fun to do in the Houston area. The address of Sunny Flea Market in Houston is 8705 Airline Dr Houston, TX 77037.

Food You will get at Sunny Flea Market in Houston.

Foot-long tacos are rumoured to exist around in the market’s depths alongside Menudotepacheflautas, quesadillas and paletas. One of the first vendors we found sold elotes, offering a choice of yellow or white corn from two hot roasting pans (yellow was confirmed as sweeter). For $3, you’ll get a styrofoam cup filled with warm corn freshly infused with a dollop of sour milk and dusted with a cap of Mexican cheese. You can doctor it up with a quick dash of chilli powder or hot sauce later. You’ll find many taco stands (ours had a single looking roasting spit in one corner of the window) where you can get $1 tacos. Think chicken, chorizo, trompo or cecina, marinated and thinly sliced beef or pork, spread out hot and fresh with tons of fresh cilantro, onion, salsa, lime, and meat cuddled in two thick grain tortillas.

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