Evan Rubinson on Flexibility and a Strong Company Culture 

Evan Rubinson faces a lot of business challenges during the pandemic as so many business owners did. The lockdowns and other restrictions made doing business more complicated than ever, and they could deeply impact the way the success of the business. As the founder of several businesses, he was driven to take care of his employees and companies, turning to having employees work from home. This hadn’t been a consideration before, and he prefers to have work done in the office. However, the pandemic has shown him that being more flexible can work well for both management and employees.

Learning Flexibility

One of the things that the pandemic taught Evan Rubinson was that flexibility could bring in good results. He found that some employees often turned in work that was even better than what they produced in the office. He began to see how working from home could work when it needed to. This has inspired him to have a policy of flexibility that has come in handy several times for employees. Seeing that success can be had with a flexible arrangement, he now works to see the situation from the employee’s perspective when they request to work from home. He can often see how much it would benefit them with their current situation and allow them to have the flexibility they need. Since the pandemic was over, he has allowed several employees to deal with problems such as health issues by staying at home and working there.

Fairness and the Culture of a Company

For Evan Rubinson, one of the most important things that create the right atmosphere for getting work done is to have a good company culture. Some companies try to force a good culture, but he knows that there are better ways to create that positive culture. A better culture can offer support to employees and encourage them to do their best work. A good culture depends on people trusting each other and working as a team. He says that treating people fairly when they want to work from home is important for the culture. By being fair, management allows employees to trust them, and it can lead to stronger ties between them. It also creates more teamwork among employees who know they are treated with respect. Respect from management is extremely important to company culture, and it can be a positive force for everyone.

Treating employees with respect helps employees want to work more closely with others from the company, and teamwork can be a key to success. When businesses need more teamwork, they need to look at the way they are managing employees. For Evan Rubinson, part of this is allowing people to know when they need to work from home and to request that arrangement as needed. When employees know they can count on management to be on their side, they will be more loyal and ready to work hard.

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