DIY Sunburn Protection and Restorative Relief  

Whenever you spend time in the sun without shade tarps to protect your skin from the sun or decide to stay outdoors for a more extended period, there is a good chance you have experienced a painful sunburn. Sun subjection can inflict damage on your skin both temporarily and long-term. Depending on the amount of subjection, backing sun damage caused by ultraviolet light can need numerous trips to the dermatologist. It will also force you to use unique skin care products, which will cost you some cash to cater for it. Remember that too much fun in the sun expands your risk of squamous cell carcinoma, which can be a deadly form of skin cancer. However, the good news is that many home remedies provide quick relief. If you are a victim of sunburn and wondering how to treat them, consider trying more of the following home remedies.

Soothing Moisturizers  

Average to severe sunburns often lead to red, dry, and irritated skin. Therefore, it is crucial to moisturize your skin after sunburn with emollients such as shea butter, petroleum jelly, and cocoa butter to lessen irritation and stop peeling skin. However, to help lessen further skin irritation, many doctors recommend slathering on a layer of Vaseline since it helps speed up the healing task. However, essential oils like lavender can help take the sting out of a sunburn. Research on the effectiveness of the oils is limited, but moisturizing carrier oils like coconut oil help to hydrate the skin. It is vital to ensure that the oil is considered for the current application before applying it.

Try Applying a Cold Compress 

When you consider applying a cold compress to sunburned skin several times a day, it will help you soothe irritation and feel better. Taking good care of your skin and considering barriers like windscreen to avoid sunburns will hinder you from experiencing such to your skin. To make an excellent cold compress, soak a clean washcloth in cool water, then hold it against the affected area. To add on, you can purchase a reusable cold compress and store it in the freezer for rapid cooling. However, you are advised not to apply ice straight to sunburned skin; instead, wrap it in a washcloth before applying.

Use Oatmeal as an Ingredient to Treat Your Skin 

You are advised to find oatmeal as the main ingredient in numerous skin care products. It is found in soaps, masks, lotions, and scrubs. Research has shown that colloidal oatmeal has antioxidant effects that may improve dryness and bring down itch potency for diverse skin states like burns. Research states that taking an oatmeal bath by putting on one cup of finely ground oats to cool water will help the affected area of the skin. Ensure that the affected area lasts in the water for at least fifteen minutes after soaking it.

Taking a Cold Shower and Green Tea 

After having a long day full of several activities in the sun, positioning yourself under cool water can yet be another effective way to treat a sunburn. Having frequent cool showers can lessen the sting and help mitigate the pain associated with a sunburn. After having a cool bath, consider applying your moisturizer to help lock in moisture. Green tea has an exquisite taste, and many enjoy taking it. However, it has polyphenols that can help to soothe sunburned skin when applied to the skin. You should pour a few green tea bags in warm water and add the tea to a bath.

Consider Wearing Loose Clothing

Wearing loose clothing will help you lessen skin irritation and discomfort while sunburn is healing. You are advised to wear light, loose-fitting clothing that will not rub against your skin. However, when selecting the best outfit that will not interfere with sunburn, have tightly woven fabric since they work the best with skin affected by the sun. The use of antioxidant cream can also help repair skin cells after a sunburn. You are advised to apply it according to its guidelines when you have it.

Use of Honey and Water

Honey is a product known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects. You can apply a small amount of medicine-grade honey for lenient sunburns to the affected area. Honey will help manage sunburn and also aid with the growth of new skin cells. Numerous sunburn treatment concord calls for external remedies. However, focusing on drinking enough water the entire day is essential. Sunburns can cause your body to draw moisture to the skin’s surface.

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