Car and Truck Accidents

In modern times every city within every country is experiencing a rise in both public and private transport which is resulting in an extreme increase in traffic in most of the places. News and tabloids often report different kinds of accidents, among which the most commonly reported accidents are that of cars and trucks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, it has been reported that every year at least 20,000 car and truck accidents are usually reported that causes more than 5,000 deaths and more than 50000 injuries. There could be different causes behind such accidents, but one common reason is definitely the uncontrollable speed limit followed by the car and the truck drivers.

Causes for these car and truck accidents : 

Such car and truck accidents can have a varied range of causes and can be easily prevented if these causes are taken care of. The most basic cause of these accidents is the unlimited speeding habits. In spite of speed breakers and other preventive measures, often these cars and trucks are seen exceeding the standard speed limit, which results in accidents. Other causes might include distraction or carelessness of these drivers or simply rash driving. Being distracted while driving can cause major accidents and thus you should do everything in your power to avoid distractions such as phones, people talking and eating. Check out this helpful guide on ways to stay safe on the road. One very important commonly found reason for such accidents is alcohol or fatigue. Plenty of drink and drive cases are reported and often result in massive accidents causing death and extreme damage to property. Continuously driving for a very long time might also result in fatigue and carelessness while driving, causing severe casualties.

Drugs being a major problem. 

In recent times the availability of drugs and other banned substances has become very easy and affordable. It is commonly observed that often drivers of these trucks or private cars consume such substances and drive, resulting in massive accidents. In 2017, a report had confirmed that more than 5% of truck drivers were tested positive for consumption of drugs and other sorts of banned substances, which also resulted in massive accidents. Unfortunately, due to dishonest social servants, most of the drivers included ones in such accidents, are not tested when their turn comes. This could be a result of bribing or other illegal, dishonest acts.

Preventive Measures

These car and truck accidents can be easily prevented if these cars and truck drivers follow some necessary and simple preventive measures. Such measures can include more careful and conscious driving, avoid overtaking and high speed, avoid consumption of alcohol or any sort of intoxicant and banned substances while driving and take proper short breaks in between long drives. Above everything, what is the most important is the spreading of proper awareness among people, especially drivers who are solely responsible for such accidents.


It is essential to understand that both car and truck accidents are easily avoidable, just with proper awareness and proper caution. In case of such accidents, one should act responsibly and try to help the other people who might be injured. Cases of hit and run are absolutely unacceptable and are punishable by the law.

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