BTS’ Jimin scolded someone during concert for THIS adorable reason

The first day of BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE – SEOUL was on March 10 at the Olympc Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. It was BTS’ first concert back home in almost 2.5 years and was met with a fervent response from the thousands of fans that attended it as well as the various special guests who were invited to the show. But it seems as though one audience member had a different experience being scolded for his actions.

On March 11, singer Ha Sung Woon revealed his attendance at the show. In snaps shared by his fans, the soloist talked about his father being given the one seat that he received a ticket for and later fortunately finding another one for himself. He also went on to talk about a particularly funny episode from the concert when BTS member Jimin scolded people in the VIP section. While doing the light wave with the fans’ lightsticks aka ARMY Bomb, Jimin called out the people on the second floor for apparently not taking part in the event. It appears that the comment was directed at his dear friend Ha Sunghoon as confirmed by the singer himself.

BTS’ Jimin is in the Parka Squad alongside soloist Ha Sung Woon, EXO’s Kai, SHINee’s Taemin, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo. The Korean singers have been well known for their friendship that has brought forth many fun interactions to the fans. They have been constant supporters of each other and have often found the time to appreciate their skills.


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