Becoming a Helicopter Pilot In 2020

Have you ever looked up at the sky when you have heard the sound of the approaching helicopter and thought how awesome it would be to pilot one? There are a lot of people in the same shoes. The second question that follows typically revolves around why anyone would fly a helicopter. The obvious pilot is one for an airplane. We all know that airplanes can be used for military missions, personal charter and to get people all across the globe. Helicopter purposes take a minute to think about but they are actually just as important as airplanes.

Think back to the times you have seen a helicopter. One of the most sighted reasons would be along electrical lines. Helicopter pilots must have a steady hand in order to maneuver the vessel along the lines for workers to note any necessary repairs on the lines. 2020 has been quite a year. Everyone seemed to hope for a brighter future when they concluded 2019 at the stroke of midnight. Our new normal is definitely taking some time to adjust to but this also opens the door for new opportunities. Now more than ever helicopter pilots are going to be necessary. With residents working from home more and spending more time indoors out of necessity they are using their electricity more. These lines must be maintained and pilots are necessary to help keep everything properly inspected.

The need for helicopter pilots in 2020 goes far beyond just checking electrical lines. Medical supplies can easily be transported via helicopter. Hospitals have landing pads to help transport sick or injured patients quickly. Unfortunately, the rise in sickness is going to most like raise the need for more emergency transports via the air.

Many colleges and universities offer aviation training for helicopter pilots. Industries looking to hire pilots do not always require a degree but do want some education outside of a high school diploma along with their flight school completion certification. Tour giving pilots are the most common that do not need a degree to fly. A helicopter pilot must have phenomenal knowledge of mathematics, physic, and engineering. To become a pilot for emergency services an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree is often necessary.

Helicopter pilot training can be done at a private aviation school or at a college or university. The type of program that a student goes through depends upon the career path that they wish to pursue. A basic flight certification requires the pilot to be at least seventeen years old. The pilot must also have an FAA medical certification and must be able to pass the FAA test. 40 hours of flight time are necessary to obtain the private license and ten of those hours must be solo flight time. A 75-nautical mile cross-country flight, take-off procedures, landing procedures, and nighttime flights are also all necessary requirements to pass the test and become a certified private helicopter pilot. Any pilot that wants to carry on their education and become a commercial license helicopter pilot will need to enroll in college and obtain no less than an associate’s degree while continuing with extended flight certification requirements.

Helicopter pilot training has never been more necessary than it is in 2020. Many branches of the government are training pilots to become helicopter pilots, hospitals are looking for trained pilots and even news outlets require helicopters to give an aerial perspective of situations occurring on the ground.

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