Are You Ready for Window Replacement, San Diego?

Do you own a house in San Diego that still has its original windows? Do they have a single pane of glass and aluminum frames? When you touch the glass on a cold day, does your hand get cold? Can you feel air coming in through gaps in your windows? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (and especially if you answered “yes” to all of these questions) it may be time for replacement windows.

What Are Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are pretty much what they sound like: they are new windows that replace your old ones. The window replacement process involves removing the old windows, but leaving the frames in place. New windows are then installed within the existing frames. The benefit of replacement windows is that they are relatively affordable because the installation process is streamlined. It doesn’t involve building any new framing or support for the windows—because it is already there. It also doesn’t damage the surrounding walls, either interior or exterior. So, there is no drywall, stucco or siding to repair and paint once the window installation is complete.

Professional San Diego window replacement experts can typically install a whole house full of new windows in just one day—and that includes cleaning up after themselves when they’re done and discarding the old windows. When all is said and done, your San Diego home will have new windows that are energy efficient, and that keep your house quieter and more secure.

Who to Contact for Window Replacement in San Diego

When you decide it’s time to replace your windows, it’s important that you work with a professional replacement window company in San Diego, like BM Windows. This type of company specializes in replacement windows and can help you select the best products for your San Diego home. Not only will they help you choose the best brand of replacement windows for San Diego homes, but they will help you decide which features and upgrades are worth the money, and which ones you can do without. They will then take accurate measurements of your current windows and order new ones to take their place. When installation day comes, they will install them with precision.

Your new windows will likely come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which covers you in the case of a manufacturing defect. Some companies in San Diego will also give you a replacement window installation warranty that covers any issues that pop up as a result of improper installation. Between these two warranties, you are pretty much fully covered, no matter the issue with your replacement windows. If you’re not sure what is covered, make sure you ask your sales representative. They should be able to easily explain what is covered and what isn’t by their warranties.

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