5 Fun Activities To Keep Toddlers Busy

If you have a toddler, you are well aware that they can keep you on your toes all day long. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum or taking care of your toddler for a day, it can be hard to juggle all the home chores and your checking on your baby. So finding ways to keep them busy can give you ample time to focus on other tasks. Thankfully, there are more ways to entertain your toddler with indoor activities while you work. Here are five fun activities to keep your toddlers busy.

Temporary tattoos for kids

If you want a mess-free way to entertain your toddlers, temporary tattoos come in very handy. They allow your kids to transform their little hands, arms, or cheeks into canvases. Look for temporary tattoos made with vegetable-based inks for safety and those that wear off in a matter of days. Just as kids love stickers, your toddlers will fall in love with the idea of fun temporary tattoos featuring kids’ designs and cartoon characters.


Playdough is specifically made to keep kids busy. You can place it on a cutting board to contain the mess. The best thing about using playdough to keep your toddler busy is that it builds their fine motor skills by building more strength in their hands. They can knead the dough into different designs, such as animal characters or whatever meal they are about to eat. You can let them play with play dough as you cook dinner or wash the dishes.

Reusable stickers

Any stickers come in handy for amusing toddlers, especially the glittering ones. You can also use kid-friendly glitter tattoos in place of reusable stickers. Look for those that feature cartoon characters, a jungle, vehicles, buildings, underwater scenes, or other designs that amuse kids. They can stick the stickers on their hands, arms, or their toys.

Reusable coloring books

Toddlers love to color, which is why you will find them smearing paint on your walls or sofas. To avoid that, you can buy your toddler a reusable coloring book. They can have fun drawing letters or coloring, and the best thing is that they can reuse the book again and again. Others come with an accompanying paintbrush that you can fill with water and let your toddler paint every page of the book to reveal colorful scenes. The only thing you need is a glass of water to refill the paintbrush, and your toddler will be busy the entire time.

Make temporary tattoos for kids.

Temporary tattoos for kids can be very fun and exciting, especially if they feature cool designs. If your toddler loves drawing shapes and characters or coloring, it can be fun to make some custom temporary tattoos out of their own art. You will be surprised at how your toddler loves to show off the art on their little arms.


Keeping a toddler busy while you work can be challenging, but you can use tons of ideas from the internet. Plus, some of them are learning moments and help your toddler develop more skills.

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