4 Killer Mistakes That Can Cost You When Handling Chemicals In The Lab

Working in a lab is a central part of any science subject. Whether you are in health, biological chemistry, or any field that involves lab-based researchers, you will handle chemicals and reagents from time to time. Your course will need you to spend some time in the lab carrying out some studies.

When handling the reagents and chemical synthesis, your goal is to get the desired results. However, this might not always be the case. An error can occur, leading to wrong outcomes and injuries at some time. The good thing is that you can avoid such mistakes and save on costs. Here are some of the mistakes that will cost you if you ignore them:

Buying the wrong products

Your lab test is essential in achieving the desired result. The process begins by getting the right chemicals, reactants, or reagents. You need to have everything right if you want the right results. For instance, you must get a reagent for metabolism studies. Using one for internal standards can be a big mistake.

Unfortunately, many people make this error. Instead of sourcing for ethers, some may order hydrazides or animals. The error can occur when you do not understand the purpose and use of each of these reagents. So, to avoid getting it wrong, ensure you make the right decision by sourcing the appropriate chemicals and reagents.

Failing to dissolve the reagents properly

Each study involving lab tests has the instruction of how you should perform it. Sometimes, the process may require you to dissolve the reagents. Failing to dissolve them properly means that you will be using a lower concentration than needed. With this, your results will be wrong.

When you get your datasheet, check the guideline for dissolving the reagents completely. Check whether you need to warm the solution or not. In case you have to warm it, get your protective gear to avoid injuries or chemical burns.

Mislabeling your samples

Mislabeling is a common issue in many laboratories. Lab technicians put the wrong labels on various samples. Other use illegible materials or ones that suffer damages when they come into contact with liquids.

What you need to know is that mislabeling your samples is a costly error. You will need to restart the project from scratch. This means you must go back to the field to collect another set of samples. Indeed, this will be a costly task. So, ensure you label your samples well and with materials that can withstand all processes in your lab experiment.

Using the wrong data in your analysis

Data is the heart of your study. You must have the right data to get the desired results. However, an error can occur in your data collection process. Using the wrong data leads to inappropriate result analysis and conclusion. As such, you need to be careful unless you want to keep repeating the test.

In a word, a lab test is crucial in your course. How you perform it can determine whether you will pass your PhD, develop a new product or not. So, avoid these mistakes to save your time and money.

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